BBC Senior Employee Dawn Queva Fired Over Shocking Anti-Semitic Posts, Calling Jews an Invader Species

BBC Senior Employee Dawn Queva Fired Over Shocking Anti-Semitic Posts, Calling Jews an Invader Species

In a disturbing turn of events, a senior BBC employee, Dawn Queva, has been terminated from her position after sharing deeply offensive and anti-Semitic content on social media.

The incident has raised concerns among Jewish staff members who describe the atmosphere at the BBC as ‘grim’ and ‘frightening.’

Details of Anti-Semitic Posts:

Dawn Queva, a 55-year-old scheduler and playout planner for BBC Three, reportedly posted a series of hateful messages on Facebook.

Notably, she referred to the Holocaust as a ‘holohoax,’ using derogatory language that has prompted widespread condemnation.

One particularly offensive term used was ‘AshkeNazis,’ a play on ‘Ashkenazi,’ referring to Jews with ancestral ties to central or eastern Europe.

In her posts, Queva claimed that Ashkenazi Jews have no historical blood connection to Palestine or Israel, using inflammatory and inaccurate language.

Additional Offensive Remarks:

The offensive posts extended beyond anti-Semitic content, with Queva allegedly describing white people as ‘barbaric’ and ‘bloodthirsty.’

She also referred to the UK as the ‘UKKK,’ a derogatory term alluding to the Ku Klux Klan.

These disturbing comments have sparked outrage and demands for immediate action against the former BBC employee.

Professional Background and Defiant Stance:

Dawn Queva, who previously worked in scheduling for A+E Networks, UKTV, and Disney, posted under the name Dawn Las Quevas-Allen.

Even after her posts came to light, she reportedly doubled down on her remarks, challenging critics to confront her.

This defiant stance has added to the gravity of the situation and fueled calls for accountability.

Impact on BBC Staff and Calls for Action:

Jewish staff members at the BBC are reportedly distressed by the incident, with one worker expressing the difficulty of witnessing condemnation from everyone except their superiors.

The prevailing sentiment is that the BBC, if committed to combating anti-Semitism, must take decisive action against hate crimes committed by its own staff.

Calls for the corporation to lead by example and unequivocally denounce racism within its ranks have grown louder.

Concerns Expressed by Andrew Neil and Campaign Against Antisemitism:

Notable figures, including broadcaster and former BBC presenter Andrew Neil, have echoed concerns raised by ex-colleagues about the current atmosphere for Jewish individuals at the BBC.

Neil questions the leadership’s response and calls for swift intervention.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism has labeled Queva’s posts as “utterly horrific” and insists on immediate action, expressing fatigue at the recurring nature of such incidents within the BBC.

Leadership Response:

The reaction of BBC leadership to this incident will be closely scrutinized, particularly in light of concerns raised by staff and external figures.

Andrew Neil’s pointed question about the director general and senior executives getting a grip on such matters raises the issue of accountability and the responsibility of leadership in fostering an inclusive workplace.


As the BBC grapples with the fallout from this shocking incident, the termination of Dawn Queva underscores the gravity of the matter.

The need for the BBC to address internal issues related to racism and anti-Semitism has become urgent, with calls for the organization to confront and eradicate such sentiments within its ranks once and for all.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the responsibility media organizations bear in fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment.

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