BBC Producer Launches Investigation into Maryam Moshiri’s On-Air Gesture Controversy

BBC Producer Launches Investigation into Maryam Moshiri’s On-Air Gesture Controversy

BBC Producer Investigates On-Air Gesture Controversy

A BBC producer has taken to social media, claiming to be on a mission to uncover the source of the leaked clip featuring Maryam Moshiri, a BBC News presenter, accidentally giving the middle finger live on air.

The incident, initially deemed a ‘private joke,’ has now prompted an internal investigation into how the footage made its way into the public domain.

Viral Clip Sparks Investigation

The viral footage captures Maryam Moshiri raising her eyebrows and flipping off the camera as she appears on-screen after the program’s musical countdown.

The video quickly circulated on social media, eliciting amusement from viewers. However, BBC producer Robert Coxwell expressed his intent to delve into the BBC’s programming to identify the individual responsible for releasing the clip.

BBC Producer’s Involvement and Insights

Robert Coxwell, the gallery producer during the incident, claimed to be deeply involved in Autorot, the BBC’s system, to uncover the person who shared the clip. He acknowledged the incident as a bit of fun that went public, stating that only a few noticed the mistake initially.

Coxwell highlighted that Autorot provides logs of activities, facilitating the identification of the individual responsible for sending out the clip.

Maryam Moshiri’s Apology and Explanation

Following the incident, Maryam Moshiri issued an apology on social media, explaining that the gesture was part of a private joke with the team.

She expressed regret that the joke went on air and apologized if it offended or upset anyone. Moshiri clarified that the intention was not to offend viewers and emphasized that it was a light-hearted moment meant for a small number of colleagues.

Reactions and Impact on Broadcast

Viewers reacted online, with some criticizing the perceived lack of professionalism, while others found humor in the situation, relating it to their own work experiences.

The gaffe occurred during the global feed of BBC News, reaching a wide audience. Despite the unexpected gesture, Maryam Moshiri swiftly recovered and continued with the broadcast.

BBC Producer’s Social Media Posts Deleted

Upon highlighting the tweets from the BBC producer to the BBC, the posts were subsequently deleted. The BBC did not provide information on whether an official investigation is underway.

The incident adds to a list of on-air mishaps, recalling past instances of presenters unintentionally swearing on BBC News.

Maryam Moshiri’s Career and Background

Maryam Moshiri, a prominent BBC presenter, has had a distinguished career in journalism, including a long stint as the BBC’s business news presenter.

Her recent on-air blunder adds a unique chapter to her career, which includes interviewing notable CEOs globally.

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