Barry Keoghan Named Man of the Year in Comedic Roast Extravaganza

Barry Keoghan Named Man of the Year in Comedic Roast Extravaganza

Harvard Laughter Fest: Barry Keoghan’s Comedic Triumph

Barry Keoghan, the Saltburn star, showcased his humorous side at a memorable roast at Harvard University, where he accepted the ‘BAFTUB’ award for Man of the Year.

The event, hosted by Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals, featured a series of comical incidents, including a spaghetti-filled romantic comedy scene and Barry donning a flamboyant bra.

Boxing Match and Spaghetti Shenanigans

During the roast, Barry, 31, found himself in a boxing match with ‘Mr. Irish Potato Famine,’ an actor in an oversized suit.

The comedic highlights continued with an awkward romantic comedy scene, leaving Barry covered in spaghetti after an unexpected face plant into the dish.

BAFTUB Award and Flamboyant Attire

To cap off the roasting session, Barry was presented with a ‘BAFTUB’ award – a bathtub-sized accolade that he climbed into.

The hilarious proceedings concluded with Barry wearing a bra adorned with bold red flames and salt cartons.

Despite starting the event in a dapper black tuxedo, Barry ended up with a face full of tomato sauce.

Man of the Year Honor

Barry, named the 57th Man of the Year, earned the recognition for his standout performance in the Saltburn movie, making waves during awards season.

His iconic presence and willingness to embrace the comedic antics endeared him to the Harvard audience.

Fashion Entrepreneurship: Rarewolf Launch

Beyond acting, Barry is reportedly venturing into the fashion industry with the launch of Rarewolf.

The company aims to introduce fancy outfits into luxury shops, capitalizing on Barry’s style icon status.

The actor, known for avant-garde fashion choices, has set up the Scottish-registered firm with the assistance of solicitors Stephen Craig and Oliver Craig.

Trendsetter in Fashion: Barry’s Bold Style

Barry, a father of one, has been labeled a style icon by Vogue, aligning him with the ‘Babygirl’ movement alongside stars like Harry Styles and Lewis Hamilton.

Expressing his love for fashion, Barry sees it as a bold form of self-expression, breaking traditional dress codes and embracing individuality.

Oscar Nominee’s Bold Moves

While Barry received critical acclaim for major roles and earned an Oscar nomination for Banshees, his latest film, Saltburn, surprisingly missed out on this year’s Oscar nominations.

However, Barry seemed unfazed by the snub, delighting fans with a shirtless dance on Instagram, showcasing his ripped physique and carefree attitude.

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