Nikki Glaser Reflects on Ben Affleck’s Performance at the Tom Brady Roast

Nikki Glaser Reflects on Ben Affleck’s Performance at the Tom Brady Roast

Nikki Glaser, 39, who received widespread praise for her sharp and humorous material at the Tom Brady Roast, has been candid about her views on Ben Affleck’s performance. Despite the buzz surrounding the event, Glaser revealed that she hasn’t revisited Affleck’s segment. “I haven’t watched it again because I don’t like to watch people bomb,” she shared during an interview with KFC Radio on Sunday.

Affleck’s Lack of Preparation

Glaser speculated on the reasons behind Affleck’s less-than-stellar performance. “He didn’t prepare. He’s someone who’s famous enough that he probably thinks this is beneath him, so he was just doing a favor,” she explained. Glaser suggested that Affleck underestimated the importance of preparation for the roast, unlike his fellow performers who, according to the radio host, “murdered” their sets.

The Pitfalls of Phoning It In

Reflecting on her own experiences, Glaser empathized with Affleck’s approach. “I’ve had similar experiences where you think something won’t be a big deal and end up phoning it in,” she said. She imagined that Affleck might have pitched an angle to the writers about being mad at tweets, a premise that didn’t translate well during the performance. “It was so self-centered,” the host added, critiquing the focus of Affleck’s set.

Missed Opportunities

Glaser noted that there were potential jokes that could have significantly improved Affleck’s performance. However, due to either a lack of communication, insufficient practice, or poor choice of premise, the set fell flat. “It didn’t work right away, so it’s not gonna work later,” she remarked, indicating that Affleck’s material failed to resonate from the start.

Public Reaction and Criticism

Glaser was not alone in her criticism. Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment with Affleck’s set, describing it as awkward and dominated by a lengthy rant about social media trolls instead of roasting Brady. Affleck himself humorously acknowledged the poor reception, joking that he “probably wouldn’t work again after tonight” before addressing Brady’s former coach, Bill Belichick.

Speculation About Affleck’s Appearance

In addition to critiquing his performance, social media users speculated about Affleck’s appearance, suggesting he might have had cosmetic surgery. Comments ranged from “Ben Affleck’s face lift looks insane” to “Ben Affleck couldn’t afford good plastic surgery? No wonder he seems so angry. That’s permanent.” Others likened his appearance to a “melty looking face” and questioned why his face seemed different.

Social Media Buzz

The online reaction was swift and harsh. Users commented on how Affleck’s face looked, attributing his perceived anger to excessive Botox. “Ben Affleck’s face at the Tom Brady roast looked like Bruce Springsteen after a three-day bender,” one user quipped, while another added, “I know why we think Ben Affleck is always angry. He’s had so much Botox… his face just doesn’t move.”

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