Russia shells killed at least 16 people wounded and 20 in Ukraine market.

Fatal Shelling Incident

In a devastating turn of events, a shelling incident occurred in the Ukrainian town of Kostiantynivka, resulting in the loss of at least 16 lives and leaving more than 20 individuals wounded. The attack, which unfolded during the afternoon, specifically targeted the bustling ‘Mercury’ shopping center situated within Donetsk. The aftermath of this assault resembled an inferno, with flames engulfing market stalls and causing destruction to numerous vehicles.

Horrifying Scenes Unfold

The horrifying scenes that unfolded in the wake of the shelling were captured in shocking footage shared by local residents on the messaging platform Telegram. The videos depicted terrified individuals fleeing the chaotic scene, with menacing orange flames casting a menacing backdrop, followed by thick plumes of black smoke. The grim reality of the situation was apparent as the tragedy unfolded.

A Plea for Justice and Accountability

In response to this tragic incident, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a brief statement condemning the actions of Moscow’s military forces. He expressed the view that innocent civilians were being targeted by these military operations, emphasizing that these individuals had committed no wrongdoing. Zelensky also cautioned that the death toll might rise as rescuers faced the arduous task of evacuating survivors and battling the flames that threatened to consume the area. He concluded his statement with a resolute call for the defeat of what he described as “Russian evil,” urging for a swift resolution to the ongoing crisis.

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