Arnold Schwarzenegger: Rejecting the Notion of Heaven and Challenging Believers

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Rejecting the Notion of Heaven and Challenging Believers

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Changing Views on Heaven and Death


In a recent interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his iconic role in “The Terminator,” revealed his disbelief in the concept of heaven and dismissed those who hold a contrary belief as “liars.”

This marks a shift from his previous stance, as just four years ago, he expressed hopefulness about the existence of an afterlife.

Schwarzenegger’s reflections on death and heaven shed light on his evolving perspective and the impact of personal experiences.

Rejection of Heaven and Afterlife:

During an interview with his former co-star Danny DeVito for Interview Magazine, Schwarzenegger expressed his conviction that nothing awaits individuals after death, except for being buried six feet under.

He strongly refuted any claims suggesting otherwise, labeling those who believe in heaven as “liars.”


He acknowledged the uncertainties surrounding the soul and spiritual matters, but emphasized that the physical bodies we see now will never be seen again in the same way.

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A Shift in Thinking:

Schwarzenegger’s recent comments indicate a change in his perspective.

However, just four years ago, in an interview with Howard Stern, he expressed a more hopeful attitude toward the existence of an afterlife.

Although he was “pissed off” by the idea of death, he expressed the possibility of a different life beyond the present one.

Reconciling with the Sad Reality:

Schwarzenegger elaborated on the concept of heaven and its allure, acknowledging that it sounds appealing to imagine reuniting with loved ones.

However, he acknowledged the reality that such reunions will not occur after death, which he considers to be the sad aspect of the situation.


The actor admitted that he personally feels discomfort when contemplating death, likely influenced by the loss of around 15 friends over the past two decades, which has altered his perspective.

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Personal Concept of Heaven:

Schwarzenegger shared his personal understanding of heaven, describing it as a mental space where he holds dear the memories of kind, generous individuals who made a positive impact on his life and the lives of others.

These individuals occupy a special place in his mind, akin to a front row of cherished friends, evoking a sense of warmth and positivity when remembered.

The Complexity of Emotions:

The actor’s statements reveal the complexity of his emotions regarding death and the afterlife.

While he acknowledges discomfort with the concept of death, he also expresses a degree of hope and humor, envisioning a scenario where angels may reprimand individuals for using foul language in an afterlife existence.

Upcoming Documentary and Personal Confessions:


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Schwarzenegger’s upcoming Netflix documentary promises to delve into personal aspects of his life, including the revelation of his infidelity and the existence of a love child with his former housekeeper.

The documentary explores the moment he confessed the truth to his then-wife, Maria Shriver, during a marriage counseling session in 2011.

The actor reflects on the profound impact of this revelation on his family and the pain caused by his actions.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent comments on heaven and his evolving perspective on death highlight his rejection of the concept of an afterlife.

While his views have shifted over time, he now firmly believes that nothing awaits individuals after death.

The upcoming documentary provides a platform for him to candidly discuss personal matters, such as his infidelity and its impact on his family.

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