Annie Kilner to Travel Independently to Euros Amid Marital Strain with Kyle Walker

Annie Kilner to Travel Independently to Euros Amid Marital Strain with Kyle Walker

Annie Kilner, wife of England footballer Kyle Walker, has decided to bypass the official WAGs group travel arrangements for the Euros. Instead, she will be hiring a private jet for each of England’s matches in Germany, at a cost of £35,000 per return journey.

This decision stems from her reluctance to maintain a pretense of a happy relationship with Walker amidst their ongoing marital issues. Annie plans to travel with her four children and a friend to assist with childcare.

Marital Issues and Public Perception

A source close to the couple revealed that the relationship between Annie and Kyle has deteriorated significantly.

Annie feels she is not in a genuine relationship with Walker and does not want to pretend otherwise by joining the WAGs group.

She has communicated her feelings to Walker and has chosen to travel independently for the sake of their children.

The Football Association typically arranges travel and accommodation for WAGs during major tournaments, but Annie has opted out of this arrangement. She will sit with the WAGs during matches but will leave immediately afterward.

Impact of Walker’s Past Relationships

The situation is further complicated by the involvement of Walker’s ex-lover, Lauryn Goodman, who plans to attend the Euros with her two children, Kairo and KK, whom she shares with Walker.

Annie discovered last December, while pregnant with their fourth child, that Walker had fathered another child with Lauryn. This revelation significantly strained their marriage.

A source mentioned that Annie is determined not to let Lauryn gain more publicity during the Euros. Despite the ongoing issues in her marriage, Annie wants to ensure that Lauryn does not dominate the media attention.

Current State of the Relationship

The relationship between Annie and Walker is reportedly at an all-time low. Despite efforts to reconcile, including Walker temporarily moving back into the family home in Cheshire, he has since returned to a rented mansion.

Their interactions have been minimal, even during significant events like the Premier League final match, where Annie and the children were present but did not engage with Walker.

The couple recently took a holiday to Wales to celebrate Walker’s 34th birthday, but this did little to mend their relationship.

Reports suggest that Walker had promised tickets to Lauryn’s son, which he later denied, adding to the tension.

Official Statements and Future Plans

A spokesperson for Annie and Kyle stated that Annie will attend the Euros to support Walker and the team. However, they clarified that no specific travel or accommodation plans are in place yet, emphasizing that Annie’s priority is the well-being of her family.

They also requested privacy as the couple navigates their personal issues, focusing on their children’s welfare.

The Football Association has indicated that they will take measures to prevent Lauryn from sitting with the WAGs group to avoid distracting Walker.


Annie Kilner’s decision to travel independently to the Euros highlights the ongoing marital challenges she faces with Kyle Walker.

By opting out of the official WAGs arrangements, she aims to prioritize her children’s well-being and avoid maintaining a facade of a happy relationship.

As the Euros approach, the dynamics between Annie, Walker, and Lauryn Goodman will likely continue to attract public attention, underscoring the personal challenges faced by public figures amidst their professional commitments.