Andrew Bridgen MP Joins Reclaim Party After Conservative Party Expulsion

Andrew Bridgen MP Joins Reclaim Party After Conservative Party Expulsion

…By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Andrew Bridgen MP has formally announced that he is joining the Reclaim Party led by Laurence Fox.


This announcement came after his expulsion from the Conservative Party for comparing Covid-19 vaccines to the Holocaust.

Bridgen was revealed as the first representative of Fox’s party in the House of Commons at a press conference on Wednesday.

He cited a “chasm” between Parliament and the people as his reason for joining Reclaim Party.

Bridgen was stripped of the Tory party whip in January for making the vaccines comparison to the Nazi genocide in the Second World War.

He claimed that coronavirus jabs were “the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”.

After an investigation, the Conservative disciplinary panel decided to expel him from the party last month.


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned his comments as “utterly unacceptable”.

Bridgen accused the Tories of kicking him out “under false pretences” and expressed his intention to run against the party at the next election.

He criticized the party for “corruption, collusion, and cover-ups”.

Bridgen was also handed a five-day suspension earlier this year for breaking the MPs’ code of conduct banning lobbying.

He was found to have committed a series of breaches, including an “unacceptable attack upon the integrity” of then-standards commissioner Kathryn Stone.

Analysis and Commentaries

Andrew Bridgen’s joining of the Reclaim Party has been met with mixed reactions.

Some have criticized him for his controversial comments on vaccines and the Holocaust, which led to his expulsion from the Conservative Party.

They argue that Bridgen’s views are divisive and harmful, and that he should not be given a platform to spread them.


Others, however, support his decision to join the Reclaim Party, citing his commitment to free speech and his desire to bridge the gap between Parliament and the people.

Bridgen’s comments comparing vaccines to the Holocaust were widely condemned, and rightly so.

Such comments trivialize the horrors of the Holocaust and undermine efforts to combat vaccine hesitancy.

It is important for public figures to be responsible in their public statements, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like the Holocaust.

That being said, Bridgen’s right to free speech should not be ignored.

While his comments were controversial and offensive, he has the right to express his views without fear of censorship or retribution.

The Reclaim Party’s commitment to free speech is a welcome development in a time when cancel culture and censorship are increasingly prevalent.

Andrew Bridgen’s joining of the Reclaim Party raises important questions about the role of free speech in our democracy.


While his comments on vaccines and the Holocaust were undoubtedly wrong, his right to express his views should not be curtailed.

The challenge for the Reclaim Party will be to strike a balance between promoting free speech and preventing harmful and divisive rhetoric from gaining traction.

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