ANC’s Mayihlome Campaign Culminates in Manifesto Launch at Moses Mabhida Stadium

ANC’s Mayihlome Campaign Culminates in Manifesto Launch at Moses Mabhida Stadium

As the African National Congress (ANC) gears up for its manifesto launch, party officials express confidence in filling the over 65,000-seater Moses Mabhida Stadium, drawing inspiration from the recent successful Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) event.

ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula assures that preparations are in their final stages, anticipating over 70,000 attendees at the world-class venue.

Manifesto and Mayihlome Campaign:

Mbalula highlights that the manifesto launch aligns with the ANC’s Mayihlome campaign.

The party has actively engaged with KwaZulu-Natal communities, urging voters to support the ANC and attentively listening to their needs.

The manifesto launch serves as a platform to articulate the party’s vision and garner support.

The ANC’s focus on the Mayihlome campaign indicates a strategic approach to connect with voters at the grassroots level.

The manifesto launch becomes a pivotal moment to convey the party’s promises and initiatives, aligning with the broader campaign objectives.

President’s Address at ‘A Night with the President’:

Mbalula outlines additional events, including ‘A Night with the President’ at the International Convention Centre (ICC).

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address a diverse audience, engaging with both young and old demographics.

The ANC aims for a well-attended and punctual rally, with the president slated to speak by 11 am.

The incorporation of ‘A Night with the President’ reflects the ANC’s efforts to appeal to various demographics and provide a platform for direct communication with President Ramaphosa.

Emphasizing punctuality suggests a commitment to efficiency and professionalism in the rally’s execution.

Durban Beachfront as a Viewing Venue:

Deputy Secretary-General Nomvula Makonyane anticipates a vibrant display of ANC colors – green, black, and gold – along the Durban beachfront, set to serve as a viewing venue for the rally.

The beachfront becomes a symbolic space reflecting ANC support and unity.

Choosing the Durban beachfront as a viewing venue extends the ANC’s presence beyond the stadium, creating a visually impactful and inclusive atmosphere.

The emphasis on ANC colors reinforces the party’s identity and solidarity among supporters.

Preparedness for Additional Attendees:

Mbalula assures that the ANC is well-prepared to accommodate additional attendees on the sports field.

The event is expected to feature demonstrations by ANC MK veterans and various intercultural activities, signaling the party’s readiness for an engaging and dynamic gathering.

The ANC’s readiness to handle additional attendees underscores meticulous planning and adaptability to potential surges in participation.

Demonstrations and cultural activities contribute to the festive and spirited atmosphere, reinforcing the ANC’s commitment to a multifaceted and inclusive event.


As the ANC eagerly anticipates its manifesto launch, the party’s confidence in filling Moses Mabhida Stadium and extending the rally’s impact to other venues reflects strategic planning, community engagement, and a commitment to a vibrant and well-attended event.

The rally serves as a crucial platform for the ANC to articulate its vision and rally support ahead of upcoming elections.