Abia State Police Officers’ Actions Criticized by Amnesty International for Disregarding Freedom of Expression

Amnesty International Criticizes Abia Police for Live TV Arrest

Amnesty International has strongly rebuked the Abia State Police Command for the arrest of a suspect during a live television program on ABN television in Abia state.

The incident, which occurred on the “Youth Rendezvous” show hosted by Grace Onyekachi, prompted condemnation from the human rights group.

Violent Arrest on Live Broadcast Draws Amnesty International’s Condemnation

The arrest of Udensi Donald, the guest on the live program, unfolded during the broadcast of “Youth Rendezvous” on ABN television.

Amnesty International, in an official statement, expressed deep concern over the conduct of the police officers, citing it as a clear violation of citizens’ right to freedom of expression and media freedom.

Amnesty International’s Official Statement

In an official statement posted on its X account, Amnesty International condemned the invasion of the ABN TV/Radio Umuahia studios by the Nigeria Police and the subsequent arbitrary arrest of the live program’s participant.

The human rights organization emphasized that the incident showcased a total disregard for the fundamental rights of freedom of expression, media freedom, and due process of law.

Regret Expressed by Abia State Commissioner of Police

Acknowledging the unprofessional behavior of the police officers involved in the incident, the Commissioner of Police for Abia State, Kenechukwu Onwuemelie, expressed regret for the actions taken during the arrest.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Maureen Chinaka, also issued an apology for the Wednesday incident, citing preliminary investigations that indicated unprofessional conduct by the arresting officers.

Calls for Accountability Following Controversial Arrest

The incident has sparked outrage, with human rights activists and organizations calling for accountability within the Abia State Police Command.

As the controversy unfolds, questions surrounding the respect for citizens’ rights and adherence to due process continue to dominate discussions, prompting a closer examination of police conduct during such operations.

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