AltSchool Africa Secures Full Accreditation from ASIC, Validating Commitment to Global Education Standards

ASIC Accreditation for AltSchool Africa’s Education Platform

AltSchool Africa, the skill-to-market platform, proudly announces the attainment of full accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC).

The groundbreaking development, shared by CEO Adewale Yusuf during a virtual press conference, marks a significant stride for the education technology company.

Adewale Yusuf’s Perspective: A Major Milestone in Empowering Africans

CEO Adewale Yusuf expresses the profound significance of ASIC accreditation, considering it a major milestone in AltSchool Africa’s mission to empower millions of Africans with in-demand, future-proof skills.

The accreditation serves as a testament to the platform’s commitment to global best standards in curricula, systems, and processes.

Accreditation as a Catalyst for Outreach: AltSchool Africa’s Vision for Underserved Communities

Adewale Yusuf emphasizes that the ASIC accreditation strengthens AltSchool Africa’s resolve to reach more individuals, particularly those in underserved communities.

The accreditation paves the way for delivering world-class, modern, and affordable education, enabling learners to compete favorably and access diverse career opportunities both within and beyond Africa.

Quote from Adewale Yusuf: Guided by Excellence for Lasting Impact

Yusuf underscores the commitment to excellence that has guided AltSchool Africa’s unconventional journey in impacting the careers and lives of millions.

The ASIC accreditation is seen as a validation of the platform’s departure from conventional norms to bring about significant changes in the education sector.

ASIC Accreditation: Elevating AltSchool Africa’s Quality Standard

The ASIC accreditation, known for its leading, globally recognized quality standard in international education, motivates AltSchool Africa to eliminate restrictions.

The platform aims to create a pathway for a brighter future, especially for individuals in underserved communities, offering them access to world-class education and skill training.

Ademola Akinrinola’s Insights: Rigorous Assessment Process for Accreditation

Dr. Ademola Akinrinola, Director of Learning and Academics at AltSchool Africa, provides insights into the accreditation process.

He highlights the impartial and independent external assessment that ensured AltSchool Africa’s provisions meet rigorous internationally accepted standards, covering administration, governance, and educational offerings.

AltSchool Africa’s Impactful Journey: Facilitating Global Training and Graduations

Since its launch in 2021, AltSchool Africa has facilitated over 5 million hours of training for more than 60,000 learners across its five schools.

The platform has graduated over 1,500 learners from code and co-code diploma programs, propelling them into successful careers within and outside Africa.

Conclusion: A Bright Future for AltSchool Africa and Global Education

In conclusion, the ASIC accreditation not only signifies a remarkable achievement for AltSchool Africa but also sets a new standard for global-quality education.

The platform’s dedication to continuous improvement and commitment to empowering learners positions it as a beacon for the future of education in Africa and beyond.

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