PDP Chairman in Kogi’s Dekina LGA Suspended Indefinitely Over Alleged Misappropriation

The chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, Ibrahim Huseini, is facing an indefinite suspension amid allegations of financial misappropriation, threats to members, and engagement in anti-party activities during the November 2023 gubernatorial election.

Allegations and Indefinite Suspension:

Ibrahim Huseini’s suspension was officially communicated through a letter dated January 21, 2024, wherein officials of the PDP in Dekina LGA cited multiple reasons for their lack of confidence in his leadership.

The primary allegations include the misappropriation of N19 million from the party’s account, issuing threats to members, and involvement in actions contrary to the party’s interests during recent elections.

Party’s Accusations:

The PDP Local Government Working Committee in Dekina outlined their grievances, accusing Huseini of disregarding established party protocols and institutions.

The suspension, effective since January 15, 2024, was a result of a vote of no confidence passed by the majority executive at both local and ward levels.

Letter to Huseini:

In the letter, officials instructed Huseini to surrender all party materials in his possession to the divisional secretary of the party.

They emphasized that his actions had impeded the progress of the party, citing violations of the party constitution and ethical standards.

Party Officials Supporting Suspension:

Individuals who actively supported the vote of no confidence included Secretary Ademu Yusuf, Assistant Secretary Attai Joseph, Legal Adviser Jacob Atadoga, Auditor John Bala Amedu, Financial Secretary Usman Enema, Treasurer Salisu Shehu, Youth Leader Ayuba Amedu, and Ex-Official Danjuma Muhammed. Furthermore, Women Leader Alima Abuh and Vice Chairman Salami Muhammed Omede were also among those who endorsed Huseini’s removal.

The suspension of Ibrahim Huseini reflects the party’s commitment to accountability and adherence to party principles.

The specific allegations, if proven, underscore the severity of the charges against the local party chairman.

The involvement of various party officials at different levels in the decision indicates a collective concern for maintaining the party’s integrity.


As the PDP in Dekina LGA takes decisive action against its chairman, the episode underscores the significance of internal checks and balances within political parties.

The party’s commitment to addressing allegations of financial impropriety and anti-party activities serves as a demonstration of its dedication to transparency and ethical conduct.

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