Alison Hammond Denies Engagement Rumors After Displaying Diamond Ring on ‘This Morning’

Alison Hammond Denies Engagement Rumors After Displaying Diamond Ring on ‘This Morning’

Alison Hammond, 49, ignited engagement rumors when she was seen wearing a large diamond ring on her ring finger during Friday’s episode of ‘This Morning’.

The buzz began after Hammond, who recently made her relationship with 26-year-old David Putman public, showcased the dazzling piece of jewelry.

Clarifying the Misunderstanding

As Alison and co-host Dermot O’Leary discussed the showbiz headlines, she exclaimed in surprise, “Oh my god apparently I am engaged?!” She quickly addressed the misunderstanding, explaining that she had mistakenly put the ring on the wrong finger and promptly swapped it to stop the rumors.

“It’s just a cheap ring from Primark,” she clarified, emphasizing it was not an engagement ring.

Unconventional Relationship Dynamics

Alison’s relationship with David Putman, a Russian masseur 23 years her junior, has been a topic of interest. The couple met when Alison booked David for a £150 massage, and they have been inseparable since, with Alison described as ‘happier than ever’.

Despite the age gap causing friction with David’s mother, Olga, David remains committed to Alison.

Family Dynamics and Public Scrutiny

David’s mother Olga, who raised her children with traditional Orthodox values, has been vocal about her disapproval, frequently urging her son to end the relationship due to the age gap and Alison’s fame.

However, David is reportedly unfazed by his mother’s concerns and remains devoted to Alison.

Approval from Alison’s Son

Alison’s son Aiden, 19, has given his approval of David, marking a significant milestone in Alison’s dating life.

Alison shared that Aiden, who usually disapproves of her partners, actually likes David and has even connected with him on Instagram.

David’s Background and Move to the UK

Originally from Krasnodar, Russia, David moved to the UK in December 2022 to escape the front line following the invasion of Ukraine.

He now lives with his uncle in Slough and works in London. David, who has British citizenship through his father, a retired welder from Slough, is described as a quiet, thoughtful individual who enjoys playing the guitar.

Alison’s Public Affirmation of Happiness

Alison has publicly expressed her happiness in the relationship, despite a previously turbulent love life.

Sources close to her indicate that she feels she has finally found a trusted companion in David, and the pair continue to grow closer, with Alison hinting at their bond through social media interactions.

Public and Media Reaction

The public and media have been captivated by Alison and David’s relationship, with many discussing the unusual dynamics and Alison’s candid clarification of engagement rumors.

The couple’s ability to navigate public scrutiny while maintaining their bond has been a focal point of ongoing discussions.