Alarming Rise in Vehicle Thefts: England and Wales Experience 25% Increase in 2022

Alarming Rise in Vehicle Thefts: England and Wales Experience 25% Increase in 2022

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Data reveals a significant surge in vehicle thefts in England and Wales, with a 25% increase recorded in 2022 compared to the previous year.


AA Insurance Services conducted an analysis of data from the Office for National Statistics, which reported a total of 130,389 incidents of stolen vehicles during the year.

Sophisticated Techniques Employed by Thieves

AA Insurance Services emphasized that criminals are employing a range of advanced and hi-tech methods to carry out vehicle thefts.

One such method is relay theft, in which thieves trick cars into opening, while key cloning is also becoming more prevalent.

The company further noted that thieves have developed “advanced practices” to overcome enhanced vehicle security systems.

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Rise in Theft from Vehicles

The data also reveals an increase in thefts from vehicles, with 212,900 reports recorded in 2022, reflecting a 10% rise from the previous year’s figure of 193,647.

This highlights the broader challenges faced by motorists in protecting their vehicles and belongings.


Protective Measures and Recommendations

In light of the escalating vehicle theft rates, motorists are being advised to take precautionary measures.

This includes considering the use of steering wheel locks as an added security measure, as well as refraining from storing valuable items inside their vehicles.

Concerns and Call to Action

Gus Park, the managing director of AA Insurance Services, expressed concern over the alarming figures, warning that if left unaddressed, the impact on society and insurance premiums could be substantial.

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Park urged police chiefs and crime commissioners across the country to develop a comprehensive action plan to combat vehicle theft.

While no method can guarantee absolute security, making theft more challenging for criminals may deter them from targeting specific vehicles.

Conclusion: Urgent Action Required to Tackle the Issue

The surge in vehicle thefts poses a growing threat in England and Wales.

Authorities, insurance companies, and motorists must collectively address the issue and work towards implementing preventive measures.

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By raising awareness and taking proactive steps, it is possible to reduce the risk and impact of vehicle theft on individuals and society as a whole.


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