Luxury Crime Trend Sparks Concerns Amidst Surge in Canada Goose Coat Thefts: Criminologist’s Caution

Luxury Crime Trend Sparks Concerns Amidst Surge in Canada Goose Coat Thefts: Criminologist’s Caution

Luxury Coat Muggings: A Disturbing Trend

A surge in thefts of high-value Canada Goose coats has raised concerns, signaling a potential start of a ‘luxury crime trend’, warned a leading criminologist.

The sought-after coats, fetching up to £1,700, have become prime targets for muggers, resulting in alarming incidents nationwide, from car break-ins to knife attacks.

Shocking Incidents Raise Alarm

Shocking footage surfaced showing two individuals attempting to steal a coveted Canada Goose coat at a Kent train station, exposing the brazenness of these attacks.

Reports in December highlighted a distressing case where a man was slashed during a coat mugging, emphasizing the dangers associated with owning these plush jackets.

Rising Theft Statistics

Incidents of theft involving these luxurious jackets have soared, with an 83% surge in Tube-related thefts, including North Face and Canada Goose coats, raising concerns about the safety of commuters.

Thefts from parked cars and confrontations between neighbors over stolen coats have further amplified worries about this emerging trend.

Expert’s Cautionary Advice

Criminology professor David Wilson underscored the potential for a concerning rise in luxury item muggings.

He urged caution among Canada Goose coat owners, emphasizing vigilance and awareness of surroundings to deter opportunistic thieves. Wilson also cautioned against purchasing knock-off luxury items to curb the market demand for stolen goods.

Broader Crime Impact on Transit

Theft of AirPods, smartphones, and branded coats on the Tube has contributed to an overall increase in acquisitive crime, raising safety concerns for young passengers.

TfL’s security chief Siwan Haward highlighted the rise in robbery attempts targeting luxury items, emphasizing the impact on passenger safety and the distressing nature of such crimes.

Crime Levels and Passenger Safety

While crime on public transport had initially reduced during the pandemic, the current rates remain significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels, despite a decrease in passenger numbers.

Ms. Haward stressed the need for increased vigilance and safety measures amidst a concerning surge in crimes, aiming to ensure the safety of passengers on the transit network.

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