Alabama Couple Defends Co-Sleeping Arrangement with Teen and Young Daughter

Unusual Co-Sleeping Choice Defended

An Alabama couple, Brandon Deal and Meagan, have found themselves in the spotlight as they defend their unconventional parenting choice of co-sleeping with their two daughters, McKenzi (12) and Sarah Grace (6), despite one of them nearing her teenage years.

The family’s unique arrangement has garnered attention and discussion.

Providing a Glimpse into Their Co-Sleeping Setup

In a TikTok video, Brandon Deal explained their co-sleeping arrangement, dispelling misconceptions that the whole family shares a single bed.

He showcased their king-sized bed with himself on the left, his wife in the middle, and their six-year-old daughter Sarah on the right.

At the foot of the bed, a twin-sized bed is set up for their older daughter, McKenzi, who enjoys sleeping there.

Comfort and Security

McKenzi, who experienced hearing loss at a young age, expressed her comfort with sleeping in the same room as her parents, emphasizing that it makes her feel safer.

The family’s co-sleeping tradition began when McKenzi was a baby, and it continued due to her high-risk status and her father’s military service, which led to mother and daughter sharing a bed.

Open to Future Adjustments

As for the future, the family is open to reevaluating their sleeping arrangements when Sarah Grace grows older. They intend to address it as they go along and adapt to the changing dynamics of their family.

Mixed Reactions and Controversy

The Deal family’s unconventional sleeping arrangement has stirred a variety of reactions. Some viewers found the concept baffling, with comments questioning boundaries and suggesting children should have their own rooms.

However, others defended the family, sharing their own experiences of co-sleeping and the sense of security it provides.

Diverse Perspectives on Co-Sleeping

The controversy surrounding the family’s choice highlights the diversity of opinions on co-sleeping. While some believe it fosters co-dependency, others see it as a way to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. The discussion reflects the varied parenting approaches and values that families adopt.

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