Al Pacino’s Ex-Partner Seeks Custody of Their Son Amid Relationship Breakup

Al Pacino’s former girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, has recently ended her relationship with the iconic actor.

This development has taken a legal turn, with Alfallah filing for custody of their three-month-old son, Roman Alfallah Pacino.

Their romantic involvement began in April 2022, culminating in the birth of their child in June.

The decision to part ways has now sparked a legal battle over the custody of their infant son.

Seeking Full Custody

Noor Alfallah, aged 29, has initiated legal proceedings in Los Angeles, seeking full physical custody of their child.

However, she is open to granting Al Pacino joint legal custody, which would involve shared decision-making authority on crucial matters such as education, religion, and medical care.

This arrangement reflects Alfallah’s willingness to involve Pacino in their son’s upbringing despite the relationship’s dissolution.

A Father to Many

Al Pacino, at 83 years old, has a well-established family history.

He is already a father to three children from previous relationships.

He shares 22-year-old twins, Olivia Pacino and Anton James Pacino, with actress Beverly D’Angelo, and has a 33-year-old daughter named Julie Pacino with Jan Tarrant.

This complex family dynamic adds an additional layer of complexity to the custody battle with Alfallah.

Alfallah’s Past Relationships

Noor Alfallah, with her own history of high-profile relationships, has been linked to notable figures in the entertainment world.

Her previous partners include Rolling Stones icon Mick Jagger and billionaire Nicolas Berggruen.

Despite being seen in the company of Tinseltown legend Clint Eastwood, she clarified that they were simply family friends.

In 2019, Alfallah was also spotted with Inglourious Basterds actor Eli Roth, further adding to her list of prominent connections.

Age Gap and Affluence

Alfallah’s significant age gap with Al Pacino has been a point of discussion.

However, a source highlighted that this age difference did not appear to be problematic for the Kuwaiti-American film producer.

She has been associated with wealthy older men in the past and has moved in affluent social circles, hailing from a well-off family herself.

A Career in Film

Hailing from Beverly Hills, Alfallah pursued her education at the UCLA School of Film and Television.

Subsequently, she embarked on a career as a film producer, indicating her involvement and passion for the entertainment industry.

Family Bonds

Beverly D’Angelo, another prominent figure in Al Pacino’s life, shared insights about her enduring relationship with the actor.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, D’Angelo revealed details about their 27-year journey together.

Despite their separation, they maintained a close bond as co-parents and continued to share their lives intimately.

An Artistic Connection

D’Angelo emphasized the profound connection she shared with Pacino, grounded in their mutual love for their craft.

Their discussions about acting and the pursuit of creative expression formed a strong foundation for their enduring friendship.

Their artistic connection persisted over the years and contributed to the unique nature of their relationship.

Reflections on Parenthood

Beverly D’Angelo shed light on their journey to parenthood, which began with a commitment to in vitro fertilization in 1997.

Through determination and the miracles of modern science, they welcomed twins into the world in 2001.

Their journey as co-parents continued, marked by love for their children as the driving force behind their cooperation and resolution of conflicts.

A Timeless Friendship

Despite the complexities of their relationship, D’Angelo and Pacino continue to share a unique and profound friendship as artists.

Their enduring bond, lasting for 27 years, is a testament to their ability to navigate the challenges of individual lives while remaining intertwined as a family.


This intricate web of relationships and the legal battle over custody offers a glimpse into the personal lives of well-known figures in the entertainment industry.

It underscores the enduring connections that can form between individuals, even after romantic relationships have evolved and changed.

The custody battle also highlights the complexities that arise when celebrity families navigate their private lives in the public eye.