Akon Expresses Regret Over Not Signing Nigerian Rapper Olamide Earlier

Akon Expresses Regret Over Not Signing Nigerian Rapper Olamide Earlier

Akon’s Regret: Missing Out on Olamide’s Talent

Senegalese-American musician Akon has openly expressed his regret over not signing Nigerian rapper Olamide Adedeji, widely known as Olamide, earlier in his career.

Akon acknowledged Olamide’s immense talent and the impact he has had on the Nigerian music scene, wishing he had seized the opportunity to work with him.

A Missed Opportunity in the Music Industry

In a Skype conversation with OAP Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode, also known as do2tun, of Cool FM in Lagos, Akon admitted that he deeply regrets not signing Olamide when he had the chance.

Olamide, often referred to as “Baddo,” is a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry known for his unique style and contributions.

Olamide: Akon’s Favorite Artist

Akon revealed that Olamide was his favorite artist in Nigeria before the rapper transitioned into a music executive.

Their encounter marked the moment when Akon realized Olamide’s potential and wished he could have had him as part of his record label, Konvict Music.

Akon stated,

“I would probably say the one person in Nigeria that I wish I had signed is Olamide. Honestly, I wish I had signed Olamide because he would have signed a lot of new artists anyway.

“Olamide was my favorite artist before he reinvented himself as a music executive. The first time we met, I told him he was my favorite artist,”

This candid revelation by Akon highlights the recognition of Olamide’s musical prowess and underscores the significance of making the right decisions in the dynamic world of the music industry.

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