SCOAN Denies Ajoke’s Claims, Asserts T.B. Joshua Adopted Her as an Abandoned Baby

SCOAN Discredits Claims of Ajoke as T.B. Joshua’s Daughter

The Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has issued a firm rebuttal to the recent allegations involving Ajoke, who portrayed herself as the biological daughter of the late Prophet T.B. Joshua.

This response follows Ajoke’s statements in a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) exposé where she accused T.B. Joshua of various misconducts.

BBC Exposé Features Ajoke Claiming Lineage to T.B. Joshua

In the BBC documentary, Ajoke asserted her biological connection to T.B. Joshua, claiming she was his daughter and recounting incidents that led to her expulsion from the church.

The exposé shed light on allegations of sexual abuse within the SCOAN community.

SCOAN’s Counterstatement: Ajoke Adopted and Not Biological Daughter

In a recent statement, SCOAN’s wiseman, Harry, challenged Ajoke’s narrative, asserting that she was an abandoned baby adopted by the church.

According to Harry, Ajoke, who shared the same age as one of T.B. Joshua’s children, was treated as family but became rebellious during her teenage years.

Rebuttal Details Ajoke’s Adoption and Church Departure

Harry clarified that the allegation of Ajoke being imprisoned within the church was false, emphasizing that she willingly asked to leave.

Before her departure, T.B. Joshua reportedly removed his name from her passport, restoring her birthname as Ajoke Godswill. The wiseman categorically stated, “Ajoke lied; she is not TB Joshua’s biological daughter.”

Video Evidence and Social Media Impact

Accompanying the counterstatement, a video was released as part of SCOAN’s response.

The video aims to address the discrepancies in Ajoke’s claims and present evidence supporting the church’s perspective. Social media platforms, including Instagram, have become avenues for disseminating this response.

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