Aisha Buhari Paves the Way for Improved Presidential Medical Care in Nigeria

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Former lawmaker, Shehu Sani, has expressed his thoughts shortly after Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari, stated that future presidents of Nigeria would no longer need to seek medical treatment abroad.


This comes after Aisha Buhari inaugurated the newly built N21 billion Presidential Wing of the State House Medical Centre in Abuja.

Aisha Buhari’s Vision for Improved Healthcare:

During the inauguration, Aisha Buhari revealed that she had conceptualized the idea of a Presidential Wing in 2017, inspired by her husband’s extended medical treatment in London.

She expressed satisfaction that the project had come to fruition and emphasized the importance of having quality healthcare available in Nigeria.

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Aisha Buhari highlighted that the purpose of the Presidential Wing was to cater specifically to the health and wellness needs of the First Family, eliminating the necessity for them to travel abroad for medical care.

Shehu Sani’s Reaction:

In response to Aisha Buhari’s remarks, Shehu Sani took to Twitter to share his perspective.

He noted that during their time in power, the Buharis had not trusted or utilized the Villa Clinic, but now desired the incoming administration to do so.


Sani implied that the Buharis had not fully relied on the medical facilities within the presidential villa but had recently furnished and upgraded it, expecting the next President to follow suit.

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Aisha Buhari’s statement regarding the elimination of the need for future presidents to seek medical treatment abroad has garnered attention.

She emphasized the significance of having a dedicated Presidential Wing within the State House Medical Centre to provide healthcare services for the First Family.

Shehu Sani’s response highlights the contrasting approach taken by the Buharis during their tenure and suggests that they now expect a different approach from the incoming administration.

The discussion underscores the importance of investing in local healthcare infrastructure and services to reduce dependence on foreign medical treatments.


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