Chiming Controversy: Beith Church’s Historic Clock Bell Falls Silent Overnight”

Chiming for Centuries: Beith Parish Church Clock Bell’s History

The clock bell on Beith Parish Church in Ayrshire has been an enduring presence for 200 years, marking every hour, day and night. However, a recent development has led to its nighttime silence.

A Single Complaint: Resident Objects to Hourly Chimes

A resident, new to the town, lodged a noise complaint with session clerk Gordon Isbister, citing sleep disturbances caused by the hourly chimes. The resident, along with his wife, found the chiming disruptive and sought a resolution.

Church’s Response: Silencing the Bell at Night

While some church elders suggested using earplugs to mitigate the noise, others considered the complaint reasonable.

In response to the resident’s objection, the church decided to silence the bell between 11 pm and 7 am, addressing the concerns raised about the noise during nighttime hours.

Mixed Reactions: Locals Divided Over the Decision

While some locals support the move to prevent a “noise nuisance,” others argue that it infringes on a cherished tradition.

Bryan McWilliams, a long-time resident, initiated an online petition to reverse the decision, emphasizing the cultural significance of the clock bell’s chimes.

Petition for Tradition: Residents Rally Against the Decision

Bryan McWilliams, living in close proximity to the clock bell for 23 years, started an online petition to reverse the decision.

The petition, gaining traction rapidly, has garnered over 500 signatures as locals express their desire to preserve the tradition that adds character and charm to their town.

Official Response: Council Confirms Advice Given, No Formal Action

North Ayrshire Council confirmed that the church sought advice regarding the complaint but emphasized that no formal action was taken by officials.

The Church of Scotland, aware of the situation, noted that such issues are not common across their parishes, indicating the uniqueness of the situation in Beith Parish Church.