African Refugees in Bellville Voice Concerns Over Safety in South Africa

African Refugees in Bellville Voice Concerns Over Safety in South Africa

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. A significant number of African refugees residing in Bellville have expressed their growing sense of insecurity in South Africa.


These refugees initially had hopes of finding a better life in the country compared to their war-torn homelands.

However, their expectations have not been met, as many of them have been living in tents in Bellville and Wingfield since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions in 2020.

Living in Tents Since COVID-19 Restrictions

Since the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions, refugees in Bellville and Wingfield have been forced to reside in tents.

These temporary shelters were erected to accommodate them during the pandemic.

Despite their initial aspirations for a brighter future in South Africa, the reality has been far from ideal for these refugees.

Refusal to Integrate and Desire for Resettlement

Refugees in the area have reportedly rejected attempts to integrate them into local communities, citing concerns about their safety.


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They have expressed reluctance to return to their home countries and instead seek resettlement in other nations.

Their desire to be relocated stems from their feelings of insecurity and vulnerability within South Africa.

A Growing Sense of Insecurity

The refugees’ perception of safety in South Africa has deteriorated, with many highlighting incidents of xenophobia and blaming foreigners for various societal issues.

Hafiz Mohammad, a spokesperson for the Paint City shelter, stated, “We do not feel safe.

A lot of our brothers and sisters already died because of xenophobia. Foreigners are blamed for everything.”

This sentiment reflects the refugees’ unease and the unfortunate consequences they have witnessed.

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Seeking Solutions for a Safer Future

Amid their concerns and experiences of hostility, the African refugees in Bellville are actively seeking alternative options for their safety and well-being.

They yearn for an environment where they can live without the constant fear of discrimination and violence.


Their hope lies in finding resettlement opportunities in other countries that can provide a more secure future.


The African refugees residing in Bellville have expressed their diminishing sense of safety in South Africa.

Despite their aspirations for a better life, they find themselves living in tents and facing hostility within local communities.

The refugees’ desire for resettlement stems from their fears and experiences of xenophobia.

As they seek solutions for a safer future, it is crucial to address their concerns and ensure their well-being as part of the broader discussions on refugee protection and human rights.

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