South African Artist Rasta Pays Tribute to Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert

South African Artist Rasta Pays Tribute to Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert

Lebani Thaka David Sirenje, better known as local artist Rasta, has established himself as one of South Africa’s most renowned artists, gaining popularity for his distinct portraits of local celebrities and public figures.


This week, Rasta turned his attention to the newly crowned Miss South Africa, Natasha Joubert, creating a portrait in her honor.

However, Rasta’s portrayal of Natasha Joubert in his latest artwork has sparked mixed reactions among the public.

Many individuals in the comment section expressed their difficulty in recognizing a resemblance between the portrait and the radiant Miss SA 2023.

Rasta’s Unyielding Dedication to His Craft

Rasta has consistently shown resilience in the face of criticism.


Despite facing ridicule for some of his previous paintings, he remains undeterred, continuing to utilize his paintbrushes to bring his artistic visions to life.

Known for his unique portraits of local legends, Rasta’s work often elicits both praise and humorous commentary from the audience.

Natasha Joubert’s Portrait Sparks Humorous Critiques

Seizing the opportunity while the news is still fresh, Rasta shared his portrait of Natasha Joubert on Twitter, inviting public feedback.

However, the response from viewers once again underscored the divisive nature of his art.

Many commenters struggled to appreciate the artistic aspects of his portrayal, leading to a mix of harsh and amusing comments.


Facing Criticism with Resilience

This isn’t the first time Rasta’s work has been met with skepticism.

Previously, he painted a portrait of the viral Albany Bread girl, Lethuthukhanya Mjaji, which became the subject of widespread mockery.

Despite the negative reactions, Rasta remains unfazed by the criticism.

In a past interview, he expressed his appreciation for his growing fanbase and his ability to stay resilient in the face of critiques.

Rasta’s dedication to his craft and his willingness to create portraits of figures he deems worthy continue to be defining aspects of his artistic journey.


As he navigates the highs and lows of public reception, Rasta’s distinctive style remains a noteworthy presence in the South African art scene.

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