Actress Maria Omo VC Accuses MC Oluomo of Sending Gunmen, Urges Nigerians to Hold Him Responsible

Threats and Appeals: Maria Omo VC’s Plea for Safety

Maria Omo VC, former babymama of the ex-Lagos State National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), has publicly appealed to her ex-partner, MC Oluomo, regarding threats to her life.

Just a day prior, she accused MC Oluomo of sending gunmen after her, cautioning Nigerians to hold him accountable if any harm befalls her.

Live Video Encounter: An Alarming Incident

In a harrowing incident narrated by Maria Omo VC during a live video, she described being ambushed by gunmen shortly after MC Oluomo’s threats.

The assailants reportedly conveyed intentions to kill her and discard her body on the Third Mainland Bridge.

Appealing directly to MC Oluomo on Instagram, she highlighted his perceived sense of entitlement as Tinubu’s son, urging him to spare her and her daughter’s lives.

A Grave Accusation: Holding MC Oluomo Responsible

Expressing concern for her safety, Maria Omo VC unequivocally stated that should any harm come to her or her daughter, MC Oluomo must be held responsible.

She emphasized that despite his affiliation with influential figures, there is a higher power that determines the course of events.

Ongoing Threats: Allegations of Endangerment

In a recent update, Maria Omo VC accused MC Oluomo and his associates of consistently endangering her and their daughter, Abebi.

She portrayed MC Oluomo as a neglectful father, alleging that he has failed to fulfill his responsibilities towards their child.

A troubling incident was recounted where security personnel at MC Oluomo’s residence were allegedly instructed to shoot at her and their child during her attempt to hold him accountable.

Amidst Rising Concerns: A Trend of Public Figures Reporting Threats

This year has witnessed a disturbing trend of public figures voicing concerns over threats to their lives.

Notably, Mabel Makun, comedian Ayo Makun’s wife, recently raised an alarm about alleged threats to her safety.

She expressed her frustration with ongoing threats and pledged to report the matter to the police.

While urging Nigerians to take note, she did not explicitly identify the person whom they should hold responsible in the event of any unfortunate incident.