Actress Biola Bayo Encourages Fans to Celebrate Veteran Actor Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi on His 80th Birthday

Actress Biola Bayo Encourages Fans to Celebrate Veteran Actor Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi on His 80th Birthday

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Nollywood actress Biola Bayo has called on her fans to celebrate veteran actor Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi while he is still alive.


On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Biola Bayo revealed her plan to gift the actor with money, emphasizing the importance of blessing him while he is in good health.

Blessing Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi:

Biola Bayo made it clear that Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi is not sick or requesting donations.

She saw his birthday as an opportune moment to bless him, emphasizing the significance of appreciating him while he is still alive and healthy.


Biola Bayo expressed her love for him and encouraged others to send their blessings and tap into the grace of long life and good health.

Warm Birthday Wishes from Biola Bayo:

Earlier, Biola Bayo had penned a note to Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi, referring to him as Grandpa.

She extended her heartfelt birthday wishes, praying for God to renew his strength and shower him with abundant grace as he continues to age gracefully.

Dele Odule’s Tribute to Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi:

Actor Dele Odule also joined in the birthday celebration, taking to his Instagram page to express his admiration for Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi.

Dele Odule described him as the man who nurtured his talent in the theater space, an extraordinary mentor and boss.


He praised Pa Olatunbosun’s passion, dedication, and wisdom, which have shaped countless careers, including his own.

Dele Odule offered prayers for many more years of creating magic on and off the stage.


Biola Bayo’s call to celebrate Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi on his 80th birthday highlights the importance of honoring individuals while they are still alive and in good health.

Her gesture of gifting him money serves as a symbol of appreciation and blessings.

Dele Odule’s tribute further underscores the profound impact Pa Olatunbosun has had on the theater industry, acknowledging him as a mentor and boss who has shaped numerous careers.


As Pa Olatunbosun Odunsi reaches this milestone age, warm wishes and prayers are extended for his continued success and artistic contributions.

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