Woman Accused of “Stealing” Man’s Manhood in Abuja Speaks Out

Woman’s Narrow Escape from Mob Justice

A woman, Rahab Emmanuel, narrowly escaped a life-threatening mob attack in Abuja after being accused of “stealing” a man’s manhood.

The incident occurred in Gosa, a village along Airport Road in Abuja, where residents descended on her following the serious allegation.

Woman’s Denial and Confusion

Rahab Emmanuel, a 37-year-old housewife and a mother of four, has come forward to narrate her side of the story.

She explained that she knows nothing about the accusation leveled against her.

According to her, a neighbor had invited her to wash her children’s clothes, and while en route, she encountered a lone man by a kiosk who gave her N200 to buy biscuits for her child.

Her confusion began when the man who had given her money raised a false alarm, claiming that his manhood had stopped functioning, and he suspected her involvement.

The Unfolding of the Accusation

Emmanuel described her ordeal, stating, “I was going round looking for the woman’s house that asked me to come and wash clothes for her, the man now followed me and raised alarm, accusing me of having done something as he claimed that his manhood was not functioning again. I told him I didn’t know anything, and my hands were clean.”

Mob’s Reaction and Intervention

Upon hearing about the incident, a large group of youths rushed to the vigilante office where Emmanuel had sought refuge and reported the matter.

They forcibly detained her, tied her hands, and began to beat her.

She recounted that they also confiscated her phone when she attempted to call her husband for help. Eventually, neighbors recognized her, contacted her husband, and the police were informed.

Official Response and Call for Justice

Ezekiel Musa Dalhatu, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Commissioner for Public Complaints Commission (PCC), visited Rahab Emmanuel to gather her account of the incident.

He highlighted that the case had been reported to the Trade More Police Division and urged the police authorities to take swift action to ensure justice is served in the matter.

Police Warning Against Jungle Justice

It’s worth noting that the FCT Commissioner of Police (CP), Haruna Garba, had previously cautioned against instances of “jungle justice” when suspects were accused of “stealing” manhood in the FCT.

He emphasized that a significant percentage of such cases turned out to be unfounded, amounting to false accusations.