Abbey Clancy’s Unconventional Tradition: Sharing Birthing Videos with Friends

Abbey Clancy’s Unconventional Tradition: Sharing Birthing Videos with Friends

Abbey Clancy’s Unconventional Tradition: Sharing Birthing Videos with Friends

Abbey Clancy, the renowned model, and her husband, Peter Crouch, have a unique and remarkable family tradition that sets them apart from the ordinary.

Their tradition involves sharing birthing videos with their close-knit circle of parent friends, but with a surprising twist.

While they have four children and openly embrace the birthing experience, their focus diverges from the graphic details that usually occupy such videos.

A Family of “Four”

The couple, aged 37 and 42, shares their bustling household with four children: daughters Sophia and Liberty and sons Johnny and Jack.

Their family dynamic mirrors that of other famous footballer couples like the Beckhams and the Rooneys, making them part of an exclusive club.

Abbey Clancy’s Fascination with Birth

Abbey Clancy possesses an intriguing fascination with the birthing process. So much so that she has made it a tradition to have each of her childbirths meticulously filmed.

However, her fascination doesn’t halt at personal viewing; she takes it to the next level by sharing these unique videos with her friends and acquaintances.

Movie Night at the Clancy-Crouch Mansion

Entertaining friends at their lavish Surrey mansion becomes an unforgettable experience as Abbey Clancy unveils her unorthodox form of entertainment.

She serves wine and crisps, creating a cozy atmosphere before guiding her guests into a cinema room. But what’s shown on the screen is not the typical blockbuster; it’s the birthing videos, capturing the raw beauty of childbirth.

Proud and Emotional Moments

What unfolds during these movie nights is a blend of pride and emotion. Clancy’s friends, primarily women, find the experience profoundly moving and incredible.

They are brought to tears and express their amazement at the remarkable process.

What’s particularly intriguing is that these birthing videos don’t elicit the expected responses.

Rather than dwelling on the graphic aspects, the focus shifts to the beauty of childbirth and the precious moments that follow.

Crouch’s Reluctance to Revisit the Birthing Moments

Peter Crouch, a former footballer turned pundit and Abbey’s husband, doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for revisiting these birthing moments.

Instead, he finds himself observing the faces of the other fathers in the room, who often can’t believe what they’re witnessing.

It’s an amusing contrast within the family.

Abbey Clancy’s Natural Approach

Abbey Clancy remains unapologetic about her decision to share these intimate moments with her friends and family.

She views it as a natural, beautiful process and treats it with the reverence it deserves.

Her children have also had the opportunity to witness these videos, and while some had strong reactions, she consistently emphasizes the naturalness of it all.

The Couple’s Candid Moments

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s openness about their family life and intimate moments extend beyond movie nights.

They use their podcast, aptly named “The Therapy Crouch,” to provide advice to other couples and share insights into their own experiences, including their sex life.

Emojis and Intimate Signals

Within the podcast, Abbey reveals a light-hearted and candid aspect of their relationship – the use of emojis as a signal for intimacy.

It’s a humorous glimpse into the unique dynamics of their relationship, with some emojis being surprisingly explicit.

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