Abbey Clancy Explores Caprice Bourret’s Quirky London Home in Celebrity Homes Series

Caprice Bourret’s “Cheeky Swing” in Her Lavish London Home

Abbey Clancy Explores Celebrity Homes for ITVBe

Model Abbey Clancy embarks on a journey to discover the luxurious and stylish homes of celebrities who share her passion for interior design in the ITVBe series “Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes.”

The show offers an exclusive peek into these remarkable abodes, delving into the celebrities’ home lives and the inspirations behind their interior designs.

Viewers are treated to personal stories behind cherished possessions and gain a rare insight into the celebrities’ personal lives, making this series a warm, fun, and revealing experience.

Caprice Bourret’s Opulent London Home

In the fourth installment of the series, American model and businesswoman Caprice Bourret, 52, welcomes Abbey into her lavish London residence, which was previously a nightclub.

Her Grade II-listed Victorian townhouse in trendy Notting Hill boasts an array of treasures, from ornate furniture to cleverly designed features.

Caprice shares the home with her husband Ty Comfort and their two sons, Jax and Jett.

The Intriguing Living Room Swing

During the tour of the property, a rather unusual feature catches Abbey’s attention – a swing in the living room.

Inquisitive, Abbey asks, “What is this?” Caprice humorously responds, “Ah, my little horny husband’s idea.”

Abbey wonders if the swing is intended for children or adults, to which Caprice replies, “This is for everyone, babes.

I mean, that swing is major.”

As Abbey tries out the swing, Caprice jokingly questions, “Are we insured?” Later, the host is seen giggling as Caprice playfully pushes her on the swing.

Abbey ponders whether the swing is meant for children or possibly something more adult-oriented.

By Caprice Home and Stunning Interiors

Caprice’s design skills are showcased in her own interiors business, By Caprice Home, established in 2015.

Her home is a testament to her talent, with every inch of it resembling a show-home.

Architects transformed the main reception room into a spacious, inviting area, with white walls offset by ornate grey beams on the ceiling.

Large windows flood the room with light, creating an expansive ambiance.

Caprice’s successful modeling career is celebrated throughout her home, with pictures from her heyday displayed on the walls.

Even in her living room, a framed magazine cover featuring Caprice takes pride of place next to an open log fire.

A Look Inside Caprice’s Bedroom

Caprice’s bedroom adheres to the same neutral color scheme found throughout her property.

She proudly showcases her immaculately made bed, adorned with plenty of plush white pillows.

The room features an impressive TV at the foot of the bed, allowing her to enjoy her favorite TV shows from the comfort of her bedroom.

This remarkable property includes a lift and is estimated to be valued at over £5 million.

Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes on ITVBe

The ITVBe series “Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes” airs on Thursdays at 9 pm, offering an exclusive glimpse into the opulent residences of celebrities.

Caprice Bourret’s episode can be watched as part of this exciting series.

Caprice’s Lavish London Home Revealed

Caprice Bourret, the American model and businesswoman, unveils her opulent London residence in the fourth episode of “Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes.”

With every corner of her home resembling a show-home, it’s clear why Caprice’s interior design business, By Caprice Home, has garnered attention.

The property showcases a cavernous reception room transformed by architects, large windows that flood the space with light, and nods to her successful modeling career through framed magazine covers.

Caprice’s bedroom maintains a neutral color scheme, featuring a well-made bed and a TV for her entertainment.

The most intriguing aspect of her home is the living room swing, which sparks curiosity and humor as Abbey Clancy tests it out.

The series provides viewers with a rare insight into the personal lives and inspirations of celebrities, making it a must-watch for those interested in the world of interior design and celebrity homes.

Exploring the Lavish Homes of Celebrities

“Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes” on ITVBe takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the opulent residences of celebrities who share a passion for interior design.

Caprice Bourret’s London home, featured in the fourth episode, stands out with its show-home-worthy interiors and quirky elements like a swing in the living room.

The series provides a behind-the-scenes look at the personal lives and inspirations of these famous individuals, offering a unique perspective on their homes and design choices.

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