6 Best Cannabis Strain of the East Coast

6 Best Cannabis Strain of the East Coast

There are numerous kinds and subspecies of cannabis. Since earlier civilizations, cultivators and farmers have bred distinct types with distinct features to produce hybrids and strains. Each cannabis strain has varying amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids. 

Keeping this in mind, producers cultivate plants with a specific appearance, flavor, and impact on the user, then brand them accordingly. 

Even though scientists are investigating the effects of various cannabis strains on various medical ailments, most information on the effects of different cannabis strains is based on personal experience. 

Continue reading to learn more about cannabis strains, particularly the six best East Coast cannabis strains.

  1. Ice Cream Cake

Ganja farmers cultivated Ice Cream Cake and its relatives by the ton because smokers from coast to coast adore it day or night. Ice Cream Cake has a high THC content but doesn’t induce the high due to its lovely vanilla aroma and rich, aromatic flavor that gives way to undertones of skunky gas. 

Ice Cream Cake is a hybrid of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 produced by Seed Junky Genetics, the top east coast cannabis breeder in the game. ICC won the 2019 Emerald Cup in the greenhouse category, and this popular plant may be grown indoors or outdoors. Its bag appeal, aroma appeal, and adaptability made it among the top three sought-after strains on Leafly in the United States in 2021.

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  1. Mimosa

Purp enthusiasts also require affection. This refers to strains with a purple appearance, a grape-like aroma, and characteristic purple genetics. Gather the most recent modern purples, such as all the Mimosa hybrids, including Mimosa #3, produced naturally outdoors by Booney Acres in California. Mimosa (Clementine x Purple Punch) by Symbiotic Genetics has gone global in just three years. This mix is ideal for waking up and baking. And the rich, tropical aromas of the Mimosa and its relatives produce a delicious hash.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/canabis 

Observe the hash flower cultivators if you want to know where flavors are headed; they dictate broader strain patterns. For instance, the psychedelic, Sasquatch-loving Booney Acres team cultivates flowers for Papa’s Select’s solventless hash line.

  1. Sour Tangie

Are you astounded by these innovative weeds? Return to the fruit’s origins with a Sour Tangie. Sour Tangie, bred by DNA Genetics, is a mix between two legendary sativa hybrids: East Coast Sour Diesel and Crockett’s Tangie. The typical disorderliness of Sour Tangie can compete with any newcomer on the block. 

The Sour Tangie strain smells extremely sour and lemony, with a heavy dankness. It energizes users during the day without making them lethargic or sleepy but rather delighted and enthused. It’s an excellent smoke for an afternoon party.

Sour Tangie boasts larger-than-average buds that, depending on the genotype, can be either long and cylindrical or short and tapered. Besides, the buds have long, feathery leaves and the typical loose, fluffy texture of sativas.

  1. Prayer Pupil

Prayer Tower is a Lemon Thai phenotype from the mystical, secretive breeder Bodhi Seeds. This 30% THC, the soapy, hashy, creamy, lavender-flavored bud, will get you high. It can be highly psychedelic, and numerous users have reported seeing closed-eye images. In addition, it can be a bit strong, fluttering, or racing at first, but it settles into a more joyful experience, according to Washington cannabis farmer Matt Armbruster.

In addition to being a potent cannabis strain, Prayer Pupil has a distinctive flavor profile. While the taste can have a soapy detergent flavor, which can be off-putting for some users, you can generally smell the dairy cream on the nose. But eventually, that chemical flavor transforms into a delicate cream flavor with lavender and occasionally berry undertones.

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  1. Hella Jelly

Hella Jelly, also known as Jelly Rancher, is a wonderful Very Cherry X Notorious THC hybrid strain with a 70% sativa/30% indica ratio. 

Hella Jelly, so named for its mouthwatering flavor and potent high is the ideal selection for anyone who likes rich sativas. The Sativa-dominant strain has a sweet and juicy cherry berry flavor with undertones of sugary grapes and tropical mango jelly, as its name would imply. 

Hella Jelly produces a very productive, early-harvest clone with extraordinarily high THC levels and a sweet, sun-kissed fragrance.

Hella Jelly is a robust Sativa-dominant plant that matures in 6–8 weeks and produces moderate-heavy harvests. The strain has medium-sized, incredibly dense, resinous buds with great internodal spacing. Moreover, it produces trichomes at an extremely high rate. 

However, trimming and defoliation will be necessary to get the best yields from this hardy cultivar.

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Your to-do list will be ready for action in no time, thanks to the concentrated and energetic benefits of the Hella Jelly high. It begins nearly as soon as you inhale, hitting you immediately behind the eyes on your forehead and sending your thoughts into overdrive.

  1. Pennywise

Pennywise is a hybrid from California’s TGA Genetics high in CBD. With years of R&D to create this CBD-rich strain, TGA settled on a combination between a Harlequin female and a Jack the Ripper male. The end result was Pennywise, averaging 12–15% CBD and having a similar amount of THC. 

Pennywise, as per TGA, has four primary phenotypes—qualities that the earth extracts from the plant’s genetic code—each containing a carrying amount of coffee, bubblegum, and lemon flavor. 

According to the breeder, each of the four may produce both the energizing qualities of Jack the Ripper and the soothing, healing effects of Harlequin. The target THC/CBD ratio for Pennywise is 1:1, with the most popular genotype testing at 11% THC and 11% CBD.

Final thoughts

Cannabis consumption increases daily. Consistently, extensive study is undertaken to identify the various ways in which cannabis might assist humanity. There are a variety of cannabis strains currently accessible, and each strain is distinct in its way. As is the case in all situations where multiple options are offered, some will stand out. Different people seek out different strains to meet their various demands. Still, certain strains are so exceptional that perhaps everyone wants a taste of what they have to give, whether for commercial, recreational, or medical purposes.

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