7 clever ways to repurpose your content

As a part of an on-page SEO strategy comes a content audit where you evaluate and determine the content that had the most and slightest performance success. However, even the weakest content can gain traffic and donate to ranking if you make an effort to work on its quality. One way to reuse evergreen content is to recycle it, finding him a new purpose. Today Alpha Efficiency article will be about the best practice of repurposing the existing content extending his life to continue to gain value.


Benefits of repurposing content


Repurposing the content means recycling the already published content in a different format and distributing it on your audience’s preferable channels and packaging. Once popular and relevant content can still capture users’ attention and have benefits for your website. Those valuable content shouldn`t be left abandoned while you are investing more of your time in creating a new one.

  • Repurposing content creates the opportunity to distribute the content on different platforms by meeting their requirements, which enhances the potential to reach more users.

  • By using a piece of content and repurposing it in different forms, you extend its life span which increases the ROI of the content you have previously created.

  • By repacking the same content in different formats to meet your target audience preferences, you can use one content and create audio, video, and text material and increasing content accessibility.

  • Creating the different content forms for different platforms,  you simultaneously focus on resource distribution which is also an important part of marketing strategy.

  • Distributing the content on different platforms and channels expands your online presents without making an effort in creating specific content for each media.

  • Creating multiple forms and pieces of content about the same topic creates additional opportunities to direct your target keywords.

  • Using the repurposed content outside your website will get the opportunity to drive quality links back to your website while handling the anchor text in the link.

  • Repurposing and distributing the same content creates a repetitive effect that makes your message get through.


Ways to repurpose content

  • Creating new articles and posts from the existing content material

Timeless and high-quality content has great potential to produce more high-quality content. Review quality articles and topics that can be potentially broken down into individual content pieces, which you can expand in length by adding the newest information or taking another perspective regarding the same subject. Also, you can add more details, tutorials, examples, and other attachments to get fresh content.

If you have posts with a numbered list, you can use each stat and create an individual article, or group relevant stats and create a summary post.

  • Creating a presentation

The presentation can be an easy-to-read and effective recapitulation of your existing content. You can also create sliders or use premade templates for social media or blogs. For creating a presentation, you can use premade templates, change the font color according to your brand’s visual identity, and add your text. There are a lot of apps available for mobile phones that count with hundreds of templates, making this task much easier. Why iPhone can be perfect for this? Because it has a lot of app options to choose from, allowing you to choose the template you prefer the most.

  • Creating infographics

If your content has a lot of data, creating an infographic can be a great way to summarize data information in a visual outline. Infographics are easy to read so you can take this advantage to create a clutter-free view of certain content data that every user will understand at a glance. Additionally, you can submit your infographics to guest websites and reach a larger audience.

  • Refresh old articles and posts

Review the old articles to find those that contain information that has changed over time. Although your post used to include 100% accurate and truthful information, some might change and date until today. Use these articles to make them more accurate and republish them with fresh and latest info or new details. To reactive your old content you can add a note at the beginning or the end of your advanced post about the original article, to inform readers about the original piece and source.

  • Repost old content on different social media platforms

Sharing valuable content across various social media will reach a new audience in different time zones and allow you to test different headline variations. When deciding to distribute content on social media. Make sure that your content format meets the platform preferences.

  • Create email newsletter series

Accurate and evergreen content (single or serial) that you once made, can usually be transformed into a series of post mini sized for email purposes.

To make clear what we mean, take this article for example. It contains numerous items that each can be used as a single bite-size content for email newsletters.

  • Create an ebook

If you have a sufficient amount of quality content, you can select them by the topic and publish them as an ebook. It is also a good idea to add some more research and information to current content before publishing ebook material.

Many ebooks become this way, being quality posts before becoming an ebook.


Final Thoughts


Repurposing your existing content, besides the advantage of saving you time, can create new value for the same articles and even lead to the creation of dozens of content pieces. The only thing you should do before starting to repurpose your content is to determine which form and the refreshing way most contribute to your current marketing plan.

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