64-year-old council chief suspended for ‘inappropriate texting to female immigrants’

64-year-old council chief suspended for ‘inappropriate texting to female immigrants’

A municipal manager’s £115,000-a-year salary has been suspended after claims that he sent women Ukrainian immigrants personal messages.

The 64-year-old Nick Dawe is charged with sending excessively fawning texts to ladies who were assisted by his local council find homes in Britain after fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Public praise has been given to the chief operating officer of the Epping Forest District Council for his assistance in relocating Ukrainian women to Essex.

In April, he even drove a van filled with “humanitarian goods” to Ukraine.

He has now been charged with sending a number of offensive texts to women, including requests for them to stay at his Liverpool second house.

According to reports, Mr. Dawe also sent SMS remarking on one gorgeous Ukrainian woman’s “wonderful eyes” and often sending hugs and kisses.

Before other refugees allegedly made similar claims throughout the summer, it is believed that one female refugee’s host British family first informed council leaders of the allegations.

One Ukrainian lady reportedly told The Mail on Sunday that the texts were more along the lines of kisses than friendship. like in a hug or kiss. I don’t hug and kiss someone because we are buddies. I just recall that he invited my mother and myself to his home in Liverpool. I recall him sending me a picture of a garden in Liverpool.

I realize that he addresses me as a man, not a buddy. I contact him to apologize and say that we can simply be friends at the hub (a community gathering), nothing more, and please don’t text me.

I text, “Sorry, don’t contact me, don’t invite me somewhere. I realize if it will continue it will be like you know, since I am not 20, I know how guys think.”

According to reports, the council began looking into Mr. Dawe around six weeks ago.

The employers are quite concerned since there are many women involved; as a result, the inquiry is taking a very long time to conclude, according to a person with knowledge of the case.

Mr. Dawe has two wives and lives in a detached £700,000 property in Kent.

I don’t believe the council chief has done anything improper, according to a buddy who is close to him. He has, in my opinion, served as a scapegoat for a number of offenses. He has only ever offered assistance. For God’s sake, he traveled by car to Ukraine.

As of right present, 135,900 Ukrainians are being sponsored by British families via the government’s program.

Men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not permitted to leave Ukraine, hence the majority are women and children.

I am unable to remark since the procedure has not yet begun, Mr. Dawe stated. No Ukrainians have made any accusations. In about a month, there could be a narrative, but it might be completely different.

According to a council official, it would be crucial to adhere to correct HR standards and processes in order to avoid undermining any ongoing investigations.

We apologize that we are unable to discuss more at this time.

»64-year-old council chief suspended for ‘inappropriate texting to female immigrants’«

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