6 Ways to Access Saudi Arabian Internet

6 Ways to Access Saudi Arabian Internet

It’s not a new or unheard-of concept that the government of Saudi Arabia has installed filtering systems that deny or prohibit public internet users from accessing dozens of web pages. These browsing restrictions apply even more to non-Saudi residents. These impediments may make it difficult to conduct online market research if one wants to invest in Saudi Arabia.

It may also prove challenging to get a more realistic outlook on precisely what Saudi Arabian residents check online. Fortunately enough, there are several methods you can use to access this content safely. Read on to learn more about practical ways to bypass internet restrictions and blocked sites in Saudi Arabia. 

Practical Ways to Avoid Blockades

Below you’ll find some methods you can use to access Saudi Arabian internet and websites:

#1. Using a Proxy Server

A proxy server is the best way to access a blocked website quickly. You can use it to disguise your location, bypassing any internet restrictions applicable to your country. A proxy is also helpful for bypassing web filters or firewalls. HTTP, SSL, SOCKS, Web, and Transparent proxies are some of the most common ones that any internet user can use to bypass restricted and blocked sites in Saudi Arabia. 

You can obtain a proxy server at a fee and use it to access the data you need. If you are looking for a trustworthy and fast Saudi Arabia proxy provider, then this is a great place to order proxies

#2. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network is the most typical way to bypass internet restrictions. Initially, VPN creators innovated the tech to connect business networks securely over the internet or access business networks from home. 

Thanks to VPN technology, consumers started to use this method to access region-restricted websites and shield browsing activity from prying eyes, especially when on public Wi-Fi. 

#3. Using a Smart DNS

Smart DNS services are growing and are one way of bypassing restricted websites. The advantage of using a smart DNS is that it allows you to access blocked sites at higher speeds. It is faster because it doesn’t route all your web traffic through a different network but only reroutes information about your location. However, it is disadvantageous because it doesn’t encrypt your network or change your IP.

#4. Using Tor

Tor helps access blocked websites. This free and open-source software can help you browse anonymously. Tor can route your web browsing to an uncensored, unfiltered location. Some countries, such as Iran, are fighting Tor in an attempt to block it.

Tor is useful because it can be used as an alternative if your smart DNS or proxy server cannot connect. However, when you use Tor, you will likely experience a slow browsing experience. 

#5. SSH Tunnel

You can create an SSH tunnel to forward your traffic securely. Unlike proxy servers, which are available worldwide, SSH tunnels are unavailable in most locations. Once you have the server, you can remotely connect to it, set up tunneling, and direct all your traffic over the secure connection. Using an SSH tunnel helps you encrypt your activity on public Wi-Fi and bypass internet restrictions in your place. 

#6. Using a Site’s IP Address

When searching for a site, you probably use its domain name to access it. The domain name is a cover for the IP address because the latter is the one that directs you to a server and controls your traffic. You can also access the site using only its IP address.

Most sites block the domain name URLs and not the underlying IP addresses, and if you use these IP addresses, you can circumvent these internet restrictions. You can get an IP address of a site by opening Command Prompt as an admin and typing tracert followed by the domain name.

Be Smart! Browse Without Restrictions Today!

It is possible to access restricted sites in Saudi Arabia from your country. You can use different options, and it is up to you to choose which method suits you best. Internet gurus advocate that the best way to safely and quickly access restricted and blocked sites in Saudi Arabia is by using reliable and authenticated Saudi Arabia Proxy servers. Other methods are good, but they tend to be slow, interfering with your browsing experience.


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