London Law Student Estelle Ogilvy Takes Center Stage as Boyfriend Oliver Bearman Dominates Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Estelle Ogilvy, a 21-year-old law student from London, has found herself in the limelight as her boyfriend, Oliver Bearman, prepares for his Formula One debut at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Estelle, a social media influencer with a significant following on TikTok and Instagram, boasts almost 75,000 TikTok fans and 100,000 Instagram followers.

Despite the couple keeping their relationship discreet, Estelle’s burgeoning social media presence has brought her into the public eye.

The Mystery of Estelle and Oliver’s Relationship

Details about how Estelle and 18-year-old Oliver met remain scarce, as the couple prefers to keep their relationship private.

With very few published pictures of them together, Estelle is expected to be a supportive presence as Oliver breaks records in Formula One.

Oliver Bearman’s F1 Debut

Oliver Bearman recently made headlines by participating in the qualifying rounds of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, stepping in for Carlos Sainz, who was dealing with appendicitis.

Oliver’s debut at 18 years old makes him Britain’s youngest F1 competitor, breaking Lando Norris’ previous record.

His entry into Ferrari also positions him as the 12th Briton to drive for the prestigious team, surpassing seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Estelle’s Glamorous Social Media Presence

While Oliver gains attention for his remarkable achievements in Formula One, Estelle, of French and British heritage, focuses on her studies.

Currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in law in London, Estelle actively shares fashion inspiration and travel snapshots on her social media platforms, where she goes by the username Silly Lettuce.

Estelle’s TikTok Journey and Fashion Inspiration

Estelle’s TikTok account, with almost 200,000 followers, showcases her busy life, offering glimpses into her fashion choices, studies, and social activities.

Referred to as “Silly Lettuce,” she collaborates with model India Rawsthorn for fashion tips and inspiration, describing their bond as the ‘Serena to my Blair,’ a nod to Gossip Girl characters.

Estelle and the Formula One Lifestyle

Despite maintaining a relatively private relationship, Estelle occasionally includes glimpses of her experiences attending Formula One events.

A post from November captures her at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, showcasing a glamorous weekend. However, Estelle rarely shares pictures of her relationship with Oliver, maintaining a sense of privacy.

Oliver Bearman’s Remarkable Journey to F1

Oliver’s journey to Formula One has been nothing short of exceptional. Starting in karting at the age of eight, he quickly rose through the ranks, winning titles and races in the British Karting GP and becoming the British vice-champion.

Transitioning to cars, he won the German and Italian F4 championships, a feat unmatched by any other driver in 2021. Oliver’s success led him to join the Ferrari Driver Academy in the same year.

The Decision to Join Ferrari Driver Academy

Oliver’s achievements prompted him to make a bold decision—to quit King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford and join the Ferrari Driver Academy at the end of 2021.

Now, Oliver Bearman’s debut in Formula One marks a significant moment in his young career, as he shares the track with legends like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

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