Simi Publicly Denounces Support for Predatory Behavior, Drawing Speculation Over Ongoing Drama in Nigerian Entertainment

Simi’s Anti-Predatory Statement

Nigerian singer Simi, also known as Simisola Kosoko, recently made a public declaration expressing her disdain for individuals who endorse predatory behavior.

Using her Instagram platform, she emphasized her firm stance against supporting those who harm others for personal gain, especially when such actions are publicly condoned.

A Call for Sound Judgment

Simi stressed the importance of exercising critical thinking and making conscientious decisions, asserting that there comes a significant moment in life where one must employ rationality without reservation.

Personal and Firm Declaration

In her statement, the singer concluded with a strong personal sentiment, highlighting her unwavering stance against individuals who continue to support predatory behavior, indicating that this decision is deeply personal to her.

Speculation and Reactions

Simi’s remarks prompted speculation and diverse interpretations among netizens.

Some associated her statement with the ongoing controversies between Nigerian artists Davido and Tiwa Savage, while others inferred a reference to the late TB Joshua, with supporters and detractors alike contributing their opinions on social media.

Varied Interpretations and Online Responses

Reactions from netizens ranged from questioning whether the reference was about the ongoing artist dispute or linked to support for TB Joshua.

Different users engaged in debates, with some defending Davido and others emphasizing the relevance of Simi’s statement in relation to TB Joshua’s followers.

The singer’s assertion led to a myriad of opinions and discussions among online communities.

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