3 Ways to Master the Hockey Stop

3 Ways to Master the Hockey Stop


One of the most essential skills in hockey is the ability to quickly and effectively stop on the ice. The hockey stop is a powerful technique that allows players to rapidly change direction and maintain control of the puck while remaining agile on their skates. In this article, we will explore three different techniques for mastering the hockey stop.

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  1. The Two-Foot Hockey Stop

The two-foot hockey stop is a beginner-level technique that is easy to learn but still quite effective in quickly stopping your motion on the ice.

Steps to perform the Two-Foot Hockey Stop:

– Begin by gliding forward on both skates with your knees slightly bent.

– Shift your weight onto one foot, while simultaneously turning both skates sideways at a 90-degree angle.

– Apply pressure to both inside edges of your skates, allowing them to scrape against the ice as you come to a complete stop.

– Keep your knees bent and maintain balance during the stopping process.

  1. The One-Foot Hockey Stop

The one-foot hockey stop is an intermediate-level technique that provides more stability and better control during a fast-paced game.

Steps to perform the One-Foot Hockey Stop:

– During forward motion, start with your knees bent, and shift your weight onto one foot (the one that will be performing the stopping action).

– Rotate the skate on which you shifted your weight sideways at a 90-degree angle while keeping your other skate gliding straight ahead.

– Apply pressure on the inside edge of the turning skate to create friction against the ice and slow down.

– As you come to a stop, return your other skate parallel alongside the stopping skate.

  1. The Reverse VH or “Hybrid” Hockey Stop

The reverse VH or “hybrid” hockey stop is an advanced technique suitable for experienced players seeking additional maneuverability and control during gameplay.

Steps to perform the Reverse VH Hockey Stop:

– Skate forward with your knees bent and weight evenly distributed between your two skates.

– Quickly shift your weight onto the inside edge of the back skate and the outside edge of the front skate, forming a “V” shape with your legs.

– Rotate your hips and shoulders toward the direction you want to stop while maintaining that “V” shape with your legs.

– Apply pressure to the edges of both skates by digging them into the ice, allowing you to slide laterally and come to a complete, controlled stop.


The hockey stop is crucial in maintaining control on the ice during fast-paced gameplay. Each of these three hockey stop techniques – the two-foot hockey stop, one-foot hockey stop, and reverse VH or “hybrid” hockey stop – offers its unique benefits and levels of maneuverability. By practicing these stops regularly, players can sharpen their stopping power and become more adept at quickly changing direction in a high-pressure-game situation.

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