How To Connect Asus Laptop With Asus Phone For Gaming

Use the greatest features of your ASUS laptop and mobile together by connecting them. You may take advantage of innovative file-sharing options.

Your laptop lies on your table in front of you, connected to a mouse, keyboard, and screen. As it charges on its stand on your desk, your phone vibrates to alert you to incoming calls, notifications, and emails. Each tool excels at a certain task that no other tool can do as well. You can provide your best effort when everyone is on the same page. Use the greatest features of your ASUS laptop and mobile together by connecting them.

What are some advantages of connecting your Asus laptop to your phone? As an example, you can use your computer to access your smartphone’s alerts and control it in the same way you would a regular touchscreen or mouse. When you’re away from your workstation, you may take advantage of innovative file-sharing options made possible by Link to MyASUS, and you can even utilize your phone as a display for your laptop. If you are using Asus phone, tablet laptop you can connect them. Learn more here about Asus Padfone.

Here is the steps on how to connect them and if you have problem in connecting how to fix it.

How Can Files Be Transferred From An Asus Phone To A Laptop?

With the Asus Rog Phone 6 Android USB driver, you may use your phone with an ASUS Rog FX503 as an MTP USB device (Media Transfer Protocol) and move media, applications, and other data between the two devices. It is suggested that you install the Asus Rog drivers if you are experiencing problems with android file transfer that are not functioning.

Conversely, the Asus Rog ADB driver and Fastboot software let you to conduct some activities on your phone straight from your computer by means of ADB commands and Fastboot instructions.

To connect your laptop to phone, follow these instructions.

  1. Turn the phone on and unlock it.
  2. Use the USB cord to link your mobile device to your computer.
  3. To access your USB settings, swipe down the bar and hit the notification. You may change your USB settings by clicking the “File Transfer” button.
  4. The question “Use USB for file transfer?” displays on the device. To enable data to be sent from your phone to your computer, choose “Yes.”
  5. You may transfer files between the phone and laptop after the phone’s folder appears on your computer.

Remote Access

When using Remote Access, log into the same ASUS user account on both the laptop and the smartphone. Furthermore, the PC must already have the Remote Access feature activated.

To activate Remote Access for the first time, you must open an email from the system and click a link inside the body of the message.

The system will send an email to protect your anonymity whenever you use the Remote Access feature on the secondary device. Asus Rog fx503, Asus Rog gl753, and Asus Rog strix scar ii gl704gm are the greatest laptops for gaming.

How to Fix If Your Asus Laptop is Unable to Connect with Phone?

  • If your PC is unable to recognize your phone, try these steps:
  • Verify that “File transfer” is chosen in “USB Preferences” and that the device is unlocked.
  • Use and connect the ASUS USB cable from the smartphone to the laptop properly.
  • The USB cable’s destination USB port might be malfunctioning, so try switching it out. If you want to connect your phone to your laptop, don’t use an extension cord or USB hub.
  • Use a different USB cable if your current one isn’t working.
  • Ensure the laptop is set up to recognize USB devices automatically by checking the appropriate settings.
  • System Restart
  • Turn the phone off and back on.
  • Check the phone’s USB port’s functionality by connecting it to a different computer.
  • Make the computer’s USB port functional by connecting another phone to it.


Do gaming phones support PC games?

The Parsec Method for Playing PC Games on Android. It’s easy to access your PC game library from your Android phone or tablet. To get started, fire up the game on your PC and then fire up the Parsec app on your Android device. Your Android handset may now be a gaming controller for your PC games with a Bluetooth connection.

Is the Rog phone a better gaming device than the iPhone?

A built-in artificial intelligence (AI) cooler helps maintain a comfortable temperature for the phone, even during long gaming sessions. The Asus ROG Phone 6 is, without a doubt, the excellent gaming smartphone currently available.

Can I connect my phone to MyASUS laptop?

When you link your computer and mobile device using the Link to MyASUS function, you’ll enjoy a unified experience across many platforms. This includes Windows, Android, and iOS.


Look at the MyASUS app to determine whether your Asus laptop supports Link to MyASUS. The brand-new time-saving features are easily accessible. If you still need to start using one, the moment has come to switch to one of the finest Asus laptops. 

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