Zoe and Neil’s Journey to Their Dream Home on A Place in The Sun

A Dream Realized on A Place in The Sun

A Place in The Sun buyer experiences a heartwarming moment as their offer is accepted, fulfilling their dreams of finding the perfect home.

The Quest for a Dream Home in France

Channel 4’s property expert, Laura Hamilton, embarked on a mission to find the ideal home for Zoe and Neil in the serene landscapes of France.

With a budget of £220,000, and a maximum limit of £250,000, the couple sought a permanent relocation to the French countryside.

A Selection of Options

Laura presented the couple with a total of five properties, each varying in price.

Initially, Zoe and Neil were captivated by the second property they visited, with Zoe being visibly moved even before entering the farmhouse.

The Turning Point

The real turning point in their search came when Laura introduced them to the fifth and final property, a farmhouse in Auriac-sur-dropt, offering nearly seven acres of land and a significant renovation project.

Priced just over £250,000, it was at the upper end of their budget.

However, the couple was instantly sold.

Zoe expressed her heartfelt connection with the property, exclaiming, “This has just captured my heart; I just want to get started now.”

The Offer and Negotiations

The couple was determined and decided not to delay making an offer.

Initially, they proposed £225,000 due to the substantial work required on the house.

Laura, acting on their behalf, initiated contact with the estate agent, but the initial offer was deemed too low and declined.

Without a counteroffer, they increased their bid to £235,000.

The tension grew as Zoe exclaimed, “I can barely breathe!” After some negotiations, they raised their offer to the maximum budget of £250,000, which was ultimately accepted.

The joyous outcome left Zoe in tears of happiness.

A Dream Fulfilled on A Place in The Sun

In the end, A Place in The Sun successfully helped Zoe and Neil realize their dream of finding the perfect home in the French countryside, proving that sometimes, dreams do come true.

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