ZeroPay for All your Short-term Needs

ZeroPay for All your Short-term Needs

ZeroPay infuses next-gen credit into the system at zero interest, with zero late fees.

One could purchase just about anything, from cars to cupboards, instantly.

ZeroPay as a brand prioritises simplicity and ease, for both customers as well as partners.

The app works on an OTT model, where the vendors are on boarded as and when the users make payments, as opposed to making exclusive transactions with affiliated partners.

ZeroPay short-term needs campaignFintech platform ZeroPay is on a mission to create a healthy credit environment.

All restrictions and hidden fees in the category have been removed by the brand.

By developing a KYC process that takes less than 45 seconds, they have put a stop to the tedious and lengthy eligibility verification associated with the credit system.

Loans disbursed are dependent on the user credit score, and repayment is divided into three instalments with no interest charged on the loan amount.

In practice, the users are not charged any fees for the loans they receive.

The platform is entirely reliant on the revenue generated from the vendors on each transaction.

ZeroPay has resorted to rather quirky and creative marketing campaigns to promote their platform.

They primarily target the youth, who are likely to have a multitude of short-term needs, but no immediate sources to fulfil them.

As a part of their recent campaign, condom packets with short-term needs written across them were bestrewn all over Bangalore.

ZeroPay’s short-term needs campaign was seen being carried out in popular areas of Bangalore such as Koramangala, Indiranagar, M G Road, Church Street, and so on.

The public seems to have stumbled across clusters of condom packets at malls, restaurants, pubs, and parking lots in the city.

The packaging gave consumers an opportunity to scan the QR code and enter the brand website to discover its unique features.

The brand intends to create and strengthen affinity with its audience with this campaign, both on the street and on social media.

The ZeroPay payment network adheres to the concept of “decentralisation” of payment currency, technical architecture, operation system, and governance mechanism, leading them to discover the convenience and benefits of a new model of finance that uses block chains to ease the frictions and pains of working with traditional centralised payment networks such as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and other switching networks.

The ‘short-term needs’ campaign aimed to highlight ways in which the BNPL model of ZeroPay is there to meet all your short-term needs without the usual complications of the credit system.

Educating the users on credit usage can without penalising them.

The company envisions democratising consumer credit by reaching out to the mass audiences.

The platform’s aim to reach out to the users at a wider level is reflected in their policy to avail credit for purchases ranging from as low as Rs.

50 to 50,000.

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