Minister Musawa Visits Ailing Actor Zack Orji After Delicate Neurosurgery in Abuja

Actor’s Health Crisis

Veteran actor Zack Orji recently underwent a critical neurosurgery procedure, as revealed by Minister Hannatu Musawa of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy.

The surgery, initially at the National Hospital, was moved to a private facility.

Ministerial Visit and Support

Minister Musawa’s visit to the Abuja hospital aimed to extend well-wishes and federal support to Orji and his family during this challenging time.

Acknowledging Orji’s significant contributions to Nigeria’s entertainment industry, Musawa emphasized the need to rally support for his recovery.

Importance of National Support

Highlighting Orji’s foundational role in Nigeria’s film industry and his decades-long dedication to entertaining the nation, Minister Musawa urged Nigerians to offer prayers and support to aid Orji’s recovery.

She stressed the delicate nature of neurosurgery and the significance of providing necessary assistance to save the actor’s life.

Call for Unity

Expressing gratitude for Orji’s survival and emphasizing the need for collective support, Minister Musawa underscored the importance of unity in rallying behind Orji and his family during this critical phase.

She called on the nation to come together in prayers and actions to aid Orji’s recuperation.