Youth Group Stands Up for Seyi Tinubu’s Role in Father’s Campaign

Support for Seyi Tinubu and His Role

The All Nigerian Youth Support Group (ANYSG) shows support regarding Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Tinubu.

The group emphasizes that Seyi deserves respect and support for his contributions to his father’s campaign and administration.

Response to Tinubu’s Ban on Unauthorised Aides

The youth group’s statement comes in response to Seyi Tinubu being banned from attending the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting.

President Bola Tinubu issued an order preventing Seyi and other unauthorised aides from participating in the meeting.

Seyi’s Valuable Role in Campaigns

The President of ANYSG, Ismail Tanko, highlights Seyi Tinubu’s role in his father’s campaign, noting that he played a vital part in mobilizing the youth vote for his father.

Tanko underlines that many young individuals hold significant positions in the administration due to Seyi’s efforts.

Seyi’s Support for His Father’s Administration

The youth leader asserts that Seyi Tinubu is deeply invested in the success of his father’s administration.

While he may have been seen around the FEC meeting, it doesn’t imply that he regularly participates in it, and he is intelligent enough to stay clear of cabinet meetings.

Defending Seyi’s Actions

Tanko defends Seyi Tinubu against accusations of being a “meddlesome interloper.”

He clarifies that Seyi never claimed to be a member of the Executive Council or hold any government position.

Seyi’s presence around his family, including the FEC meeting, should not be misconstrued as interference.

The defense presented here underscores the importance of not unfairly criticizing Seyi Tinubu and refutes allegations of his interference in government affairs.

In conclusion, the ANYSG’s shows support for Seyi Tinubu in response to his ban from the FEC meeting.

The youth group highlights Seyi’s contributions, defends his actions, and emphasizes that he is not a disruptive force in the government.

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