You’re Moving to Hong Kong in 2023? Here Is Your Guide

If you think moving to Hong Kong is an excellent idea, you are not alone. The city is home to hundreds of thousands of people from other countries who came to live here.

If your goal is to migrate to this vibrant place, knowing the basic facts about the city is a fundamental step. Read on and learn how to make your move as painless and smooth as possible. 

Moving to Hong Kong

One of the first things you need to prepare for your move is your accommodation. The bustling city offers a myriad of housing choices.

Whether you are relocating alone or with your family, there are options that will suit you. Furnished rentals in Hong Kong are among the best choices if you want to live near the city.

Why Furnished Rentals?

Apartments are the most common type of accommodation in the city. You can choose between short-term and long-term rentals. 

Furnished apartment rentals in Hong Kong are available for both short- and long-term plans. You can enjoy and make the most of the city and its dynamic neighborhood.

Apartments often have custom-made furniture, electronics, and appliances. So, when you have moved to the city, you can start living right then and there.

If you decide that an apartment is good for you, consider signing up for a long-term lease. It is more affordable than getting a short-term contract. 


Where you decide to live will dictate how much you will spend on your accommodation. Living in Hong Kong Island means a high cost of living. It is the city’s financial center, so being a resident here comes with a price.

For the budget-conscious, Hong Kong offers alternatives. If you want to save on housing, consider living off the island. Or, you can search for affordable apartments that fit your income.  

Processing Documents and IDs 

If you are moving to Hong Kong because of a new job offer, the government will ask you to submit a visa application. You will also need to submit documents related to your job offer. 

Once you have entered the city on a valid visa, you must apply for a Hong Kong ID. It is a crucial document to have, given that you will be staying for a while. 

The Octopus card is another ID you must have when living in Hong Kong. You can use it to buy groceries, pay bills, ride public transport, park your car, and more. 

Health Care and Insurance

Hong Kong has an affordable public healthcare system. It is also accessible, and the services are available at a low cost to everyone, residents and ex-pats both. 

For your dental health, you need to get private health insurance. It will give you access to first-rate services in the city’s best hospitals.  

Bank accounts 

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is a straightforward process. With more than 250 banks, the city has many bank options that offer services in English.

Most people in the city use credit and debit cards. When paying utilities or settling bills, it is typical to use cheques. If you are after better interest rates, check out virtual banks. 


If you earn income in Hong Kong, you will be subject to tax. The good news is that the residents of this city enjoy some of the lowest taxes in the world.

Depending on your salary, residents earning income pay taxes of between 2% and 17%. Hong Kong does not charge taxes on capital gains, interest, or dividends. You also have higher purchasing power since the city does not impose a sales tax. 

Moving In

Once you complete the pre-moving process, you can start setting up shop in your new home. If you need help around the household, the city has affordable domestic services to keep things tidy. 

As for utilities, it depends on the type of accommodation you choose. If you go for furnished rentals, they will take care of setting up all the utilities, furniture, and appliances.

If you want to bring household items, there are affordable shipping services you can use. You can also hire a removal company for delivery and unpacking. 

A removal company is a valuable help if your new place is an apartment high up a building. If you have pets, contact the Hong Kong Agriculture Department before moving. 

Getting Around

Since Hong Kong is a bustling city, it is easy to get around. You can travel in taxis, buses, trams, or ferries. You will need your Octopus Card for public transport payment. 

Are you thinking of getting a car? Know that the Hong Kong government discourages residents from owning a car. 

If you decide to have one, you must pay license fees. You may also have to deal with limited parking and high fuel costs.

Your Takeaways.

Hong Kong’s glory includes quality living, a low crime rate, and superior infrastructure. So, it makes sense that you would want to join the thousands of foreign nationals in this city. 

Moving to Hong Kong is a life-changing decision that can improve your outlook on life. Prepare everything early to make the relocation process seamless and stress-free.


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