Minister Nyesom Wike Warns Criminals of Impending Action by Security Agencies

FCT Minister Nyesom Wike Issues Dire Warning to Criminals in Town Hall Security Meeting

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, delivered a stern warning to kidnappers, informants, bandits, and criminals during a town hall security meeting in Kuje Area Council.

The minister emphasized the need for repentance, cautioning that those who fail to do so would face the consequences at the hands of security operatives.

Security Agencies Urged to Provide Crucial Information

Addressing the security agents present, Minister Wike urged them to actively play their role by providing relevant information that could assist security agencies in addressing the prevailing security challenges.

He emphasized the importance of collaboration between law enforcement and local security forces.

Direct Warning to Criminal Informants

Minister Wike directed a specific warning to criminal informants, cautioning them that their time is up.

He stated that those involved in providing information to criminals would face the same fate as the criminals themselves unless they choose to repent.

“You have the opportunity of repenting today or else you are gone. Nobody will pity you. You have seen what the security agencies have been doing in the past few days.

That is to show to you that it is not business as usual,” Minister Wike declared.

Empowering Vigilance Groups and Seeking Residents’ Cooperation

In his commitment to tackling insecurity, Minister Wike instructed the Chairman to empower vigilance groups, ensuring their profiling and collaboration with security agencies.

He called on residents to actively participate by providing information to enhance security measures.

Road Infrastructure Pledge for Kuje Area Council

Expressing shock at the state of roads in Kuje Area Council, Minister Wike pledged to revisit the council’s file and initiate the construction of motorable roads for the residents.

This commitment is part of broader efforts to improve infrastructure and enhance the overall well-being of the community.