Uche Jombo Opens Up: The Double Effort Women Put into Nollywood Success

Uche Jombo’s Career Insights

Veteran Nollywood actress and producer Uche Jombo recently shared her thoughts on the distinctive challenges faced by career-driven women in the film industry.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she provided valuable insights into the extra effort women exert to excel in their careers.

Sustaining Longevity in Nollywood

Jombo discussed the evolving landscape of Nollywood, noting that many of her male colleagues who began producing films at the same time as her have shifted their focus to other pursuits.

Despite the changing dynamics, she emphasized her commitment to the industry, highlighting the perseverance required for women to maintain longevity and relevance.

Women’s Determination in the Industry

The actress expressed a firm belief in the serious-mindedness of women, asserting that when women set their minds to achieve success, they are willing to work twice as hard.

Jombo drew from her personal experience, revealing that her dedication to filmmaking has kept her in the industry, even as others have chosen different paths.

The ‘Boys Club’ Era in Nollywood

Delving into the early days of Nollywood, Uche Jombo acknowledged the industry’s initial status as a “boys club.”

She explained that as a woman entering the field as a producer, it took time for her to be taken seriously. However, her persistence and the success of films like ‘Damaged’ played a crucial role in breaking down barriers and earning recognition.

Recognition After ‘Damaged’

Jombo highlighted the film ‘Damaged’ as a turning point in her career, where she felt the industry began to acknowledge her as a serious and capable producer.

Despite having already produced three films before ‘Damaged,’ the success of the advocacy film solidified her position and contributed to changing perceptions about women in Nollywood.

Advocating for Women in Film

Uche Jombo’s journey stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of women in Nollywood.

Her insights shed light on the ongoing efforts to challenge gender norms in the industry and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women pursuing successful careers in film.

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