Woman Suffers Stroke, Arrested at Gunpoint – The Shocking Ordeal of Nicole McClure

Woman Suffers Stroke, Arrested at Gunpoint – The Shocking Ordeal of Nicole McClure

Woman Suffers Stroke, Faces Harrowing Treatment by Police: Lawsuit Against Thurston County Police Unveils Shocking Neglect

A Terrifying Encounter:

Nicole McClure, a 40-year-old woman, endured a traumatic experience after suffering a stroke while driving her car.

Washington state trooper Jonathan Barnes pulled her over, ordered her out of the vehicle at gunpoint, and subsequently arrested her, accusing her of intoxicated driving and felony evading.

The shocking incident unfolded after McClure’s erratic driving caught the attention of the trooper.

Questionable Conduct During Arrest:

Dashcam footage captured Trooper Barnes aggressively questioning McClure about drug use while she struggled to comprehend the situation.

Despite her pleas and confusion due to the stroke, Barnes persisted in his accusatory tone.

The encounter escalated as McClure, in a disoriented state, faced gunpoint coercion during her arrest.

Neglect in Detention:

Following her arrest, McClure endured more suffering at the county jail.

She lay on the floor for over 24 hours without receiving medical attention.

The lawsuit reveals that jail staff mocked her while she struggled with vomiting and incontinence.

McClure’s condition deteriorated significantly, and the lawsuit alleges that immediate medical attention could have prevented severe consequences.

Emergency Surgery and Permanent Disability:

McClure’s ordeal culminated in emergency brain surgery, during which surgeons removed a portion of her skull to address pressure on her brain.

The lawsuit contends that the delay in treatment left her permanently disabled, unable to care for herself, and profoundly impacted her quality of life.

The narrative sheds light on the severity of McClure’s condition and the lasting consequences of the neglect.

Legal Action Against Thurston County Police:

In response to the shocking events, McClure is suing Thurston County police for disregarding her symptoms and failing to provide timely medical assistance.

The lawsuit outlines the negligence and mistreatment she endured during and after the arrest.

The Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has acknowledged being served with the lawsuit, acknowledging the importance of safety in correctional facilities.

In conclusion, the narrative unfolds as a harrowing tale of neglect, mistreatment, and lasting consequences, underscoring the need for accountability and justice in the face of such alarming incidents.

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