Woman Given Weeks to Live due to Alleged Medical Negligence: Family Demands Investigation

Woman Given Weeks to Live due to Alleged Medical Negligence: Family Demands Investigation

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. A woman named Sarah Middleton has been given a devastating prognosis of just weeks to live after her symptoms were allegedly dismissed by doctors.


Sarah and her husband, Marius Grigoriu, claim that her condition may not have reached its current critical state if her symptoms had been properly investigated earlier.

In May 2022, Sarah, 48, was diagnosed with an advanced form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but she had visited the hospital two months prior to that with sudden chest pains, only to be told that nothing serious was wrong.

Marius Grigoriu expressed his frustration, stating that Sarah’s life is now in grave danger and that the situation could have been different if medical professionals had investigated her symptoms two months earlier.

He described feeling let down by the healthcare system, emphasizing that Sarah has been put in an unimaginably terrible position.

In March 2021, Sarah rushed to the emergency room with chest pains after being advised to do so by a 111 operator.

Blood samples and other tests were conducted, which suggested that her pain could have been caused by either a cancerous tumor or a blocked blood vessel in her lungs.


She was sent home with blood thinners and instructed to return for a scan two days later.

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By that time, her chest pains had subsided.

The subsequent scan ruled out a pulmonary embolism, but according to Mr. Grigoriu and Sarah, the possibility of malignancy was not thoroughly investigated.

During the same appointment, Sarah requested that the Advanced Nurse Practitioner check her overall well-being and examine her swollen stomach, which she attributed to a heavy feeling.

The healthcare professional dismissed her concerns, attributing the discomfort to post-Covid inflammation and assuring her that nothing serious was wrong.

Over the next two months, Sarah’s stomach continued to enlarge until she appeared pregnant.

She consulted her general practitioner, who advised her to self-refer for a CT scan at Royal Derby Hospital.

The scan, conducted a week later, revealed lymph node cancer in her stomach at an advanced stage (stage 4b).


Sarah received her diagnosis only after returning to the emergency room due to unbearable stomach pain.

Her treatment was delayed initially due to a lack of beds, and she eventually underwent chemotherapy after intervention from her husband.

However, the treatment was further delayed because of reduced staffing during the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

After spending four months as an in-patient, Sarah was informed that the treatment had not been successful, and her prognosis was bleak.

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Mr. Grigoriu sought alternative treatment options, including a clinical trial in the United States, but they were unable to proceed due to her lack of medical insurance.

Other potential trial options in Germany and Japan were also rejected.

Sarah’s only remaining treatment option was CAR-T-cell therapy, a specialized and complex treatment that modifies T-cells to target and attack cancer cells.

She received this treatment at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where she was admitted on December 23, missing Christmas and New Year with her family.


Following the treatment, she had to isolate in nearby accommodation for 28 days and underwent a CT scan in January to assess the results.

Unfortunately, the tumors only partially responded to the treatment, and a follow-up scan revealed that they had resumed growth and spread to her chest.

In severe pain and unable to eat, Sarah’s consultant suggested trying an unapproved drug called Glofitamab as a last-ditch effort to save her life.

While initially showing promise, the recent news revealed that the treatment had not been successful.

With no further treatment options available, Sarah, who was once an active runner, has been given just weeks to live.

Mr. Grigoriu hopes to use the funds raised through the GoFundMe campaign to finance a

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final round of chemotherapy to extend Sarah’s life until their daughter’s birthday in July.

The devastating situation has taken a toll on the family, leaving them torn apart and without the emotional support and presence of a mother.


Marius Grigoriu described the experience as terrifying for the entire family.

Dr. Sreeman Andole, Interim Executive Medical Director at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, extended sympathies to Sarah and her family, expressing a willingness to investigate the case and address their concerns directly.

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