Woman Assaulted, Raped, and Left Tied By Ex-Husband in Canton Home Invasion Drama

Woman Assaulted, Raped, and Left Tied By Ex-Husband in Canton Home Invasion Drama

Morgan Metzer endured a horrific attack where she was pistol-whipped, choked, raped, and left tied up on her deck with a pillowcase over her head.

Home Invasion by Masked Assailant

The attacker, who broke into her Canton, Georgia home just after midnight on New Year’s Day 2021, wore a mask and distorted his voice, resembling Batman. Despite the disguise, Morgan suspected it could be her ex-husband, Rodney Metzer.

Rodney’s Suspicious Arrival

Badly injured, Morgan lay on the deck, hoping for help. Rodney arrived around 1:40 AM, expressing horror and concern. He untied her, called 911, and stayed with her until the police arrived. However, his quick arrival raised suspicions among the police.

Police Begin to Doubt Rodney’s Story

Rodney claimed someone knocked on his window and called Morgan’s name, prompting him to check on her. Though he lived 15 minutes away, his immediate arrival didn’t add up, especially since Morgan had told him she was going to her parents’ house.

Inconsistencies and Red Flags

During the police interview, Rodney insisted he was telling the truth, but officers were skeptical. Morgan recalled another red flag: as the attacker left, he said, “You’re going to miss your ex-husband.” This confirmed her suspicion that Rodney was the attacker.

Discovery of Incriminating Evidence

Police searched Rodney’s phone and found he had been copying Morgan’s messages and secretly photographing her in the shower. He was arrested for lying to police and spent New Year’s Day in jail while more evidence was gathered.

Timeline of the Attack

The investigation revealed that Rodney had tried to reconcile with Morgan the day before the attack. When she refused, he broke into her home around 12:30 AM on January 1, wearing a mask and carrying a gun. He assaulted her, zip-tied her hands, and left her tied up on the deck.

Further Evidence and Arrest

Detectives found a gun in Rodney’s car and zip-ties in his apartment, matching those used in the attack. CCTV footage showed him buying zip ties at Lowe’s and changing clothes at his apartment shortly before and after the attack. He had also searched online for methods related to the attack.

Morgan’s Fear and Trauma

Morgan was too terrified to sleep for weeks and kept her twin children home from school for safety. She described the attack in vivid detail, noting how the masked assailant looked like Batman and how she feared for her life.

Rodney’s Conviction and Sentence

Rodney faced multiple charges, including sexual battery, kidnapping, and aggravated family violence battery. Despite the horror of the attack, it exposed his true nature to their friends, who had previously believed his manipulations. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 70 years, with 25 years to be served in prison and the rest on probation.