Woman Admits Hollywood Actress Scam with Mother to Defraud Family of £35,000

Woman Admits to Hollywood Scam Involving Family

Heather Dunlop, 39, confessed to orchestrating a scam alongside her mother, Ann Dunlop, 68, to deceive their family into believing Heather had a flourishing Hollywood career.

They duped family members, including Heather’s brother David Bunton, 51, into believing she was a successful actress rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce.

The court heard that their fabrication extended to claims of multi-million-pound contracts and association with entertainment mogul Irving Azoff.

Family Fooled by Fabricated Hollywood Lifestyle

Heather and Ann convinced relatives, including Heather’s aunt Jean and uncle Steve, that they were living a lavish life with ‘Champagne on tap’ in their London residence.

Steve likened their family to the fictional Waltons but noted their descent into a situation akin to the fictional Dingles.

Their misleading narratives led Steve and Jean to assist financially, paying for bills such as gas and council tax due to the duo’s financial difficulties.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

Ann Dunlop was previously found guilty of defrauding the family of £35,368 and was ordered to repay the full amount while being placed under a 12-month good behavior order.

Heather, now residing in Kent, pleaded guilty to a similar charge and faces potential sentencing.

Sheriff Vincent Lunny indicated the possibility of incarceration but noted that sincere efforts to repay the money might influence his decision.

Restitution and Future Payments

During the court proceedings, Heather expressed plans to repay part of the owed sum to her uncle and aunt, highlighting financial preparations she had made to cover the debts.

She mentioned holding senior roles and committed to paying back a significant portion of the money owed by January the following year.

The sheriff deferred the case for four weeks for a background assessment and to evaluate Heather’s circumstances before further decisions are made.

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