Alex Iwobi Opens Up About Heartwarming Relationship with Wizkid: From Unknown to Recognition

Alex Iwobi’s Gratitude to Wizkid: From Obscurity to Recognition

In a recent interview with Oma Sports TV, Nigerian footballer Alex Iwobi opened up about his special relationship with Afrobeats sensation Wizkid.

Iwobi, known for his exceptional skills in the mid-field, shared heartfelt sentiments about how Wizkid had shown him love when he was still relatively unknown in the entertainment scene.

Wizkid’s Early Kindness: A Testament to Humility

During the interview, Iwobi described Wizkid as a genuinely nice and humble person. He recounted how Wizkid treated him with respect even before the football star gained widespread recognition.

According to Iwobi, Wizkid’s warmth and kindness left a lasting impression on him.

Favorite Nigerian Concert: Wizkid’s Impact Beyond Music

Iwobi expressed his admiration for Wizkid’s concert at Tottenham stadium earlier this year, labeling it as his favorite Nigerian show.

Despite not getting the chance to meet Wizkid on that particular day, Iwobi reminisced about previous encounters, both in stores and clubs, where Wizkid consistently showered him with genuine affection.

Respect and Recognition: Mutual Appreciation Between Stars

The footballer emphasized that Wizkid’s demeanor and genuine affection were not contingent on Iwobi’s fame but were evident even when he was still relatively unknown.

Iwobi concluded by expressing his profound respect for Wizkid, highlighting the mutual appreciation and friendship that exists between them.