WILL PORTABLE BE SUED TO COURT? See How Portable Has Gotten Himself Into Serious Trouble

WILL PORTABLE BE SUED TO COURT? See How Portable Has Gotten Himself Into Serious Trouble

Portable, a controversial and rapidly emerging artist, is still wallowing in the glory of his recent triumph, venting his rage on social media. He is best known for his track Zazoo Zeh, which was the talk of the town when it was released last year and became a hit with the public.
A few weeks ago, it was discovered that the musician had been to Kenya for a series of activities connected to his music profession, as he and his crew have been hard at work on his music project.
Consequently, Portable has been causing some controversy in Kenya, where he and his squad are frequently spotted with Kenyan ladies. The shocking occurrence that occurred between him and an unknown Kenyan lady, who was later confirmed to be a well- known YouTuber, was revealed in a recent update. However, some people are still perplexed as to how the altercation between him and the lady transpired.
Hence, let’ s take a look at how things have been going in regards to the quarrel which may lead to a serious issue, as the lady may sue Portable to court if chances are not taken.
Portable Blasted And Harassed Kenyan Lady During Party
The clash between him and the Kenyan lady started the moment when he and his crew were at a party, as the incident was recorded in a video. The video later went viral on social media because it shows the moment the up- and- coming artist tells a female at a party in Kenya that he is not there for hookups and that she should go. The lady was forced to flee the scene as a result of this.
This incident was revealed by ‘ Gossipmilltv, ‘ a portal that provides information on the activities of Nigerian celebrities as well as major events taking place in the country.
They uploaded a video of what truly happened between Portable and the girl to their Instagram page in the wee hours of Sunday, January 30, 2022. They described it as follows:
While reporting on what Portable did at a party in Kenya, they reported that the moment Portable requested a girl to leave, it was clear that he was not there to hook up with her.
A scene from the video showed portable telling a young lady to leave his presence because he had not come to hook up with any particular women, as shown in the film.
Out of embarrassment, the woman who appeared to be enraged hurriedly departed the area. Portable was applauded by his buddies who were present at the scene for his actions.
Kenyan Influencer Furiously Reacted, As She Threaten To Sue Portable To Court
In particular, the inhumane and unjust action taken by the singer Portable was met with a great deal of criticism, particularly from Kenyans. In particular, it enraged a well- known Kenyan influencer by the name of Maureen Imbai, also known as Black Cinderella, who happens to be a radio presenter as well.
The influential criticizes singer Portable for giving the East African nation ‘ global disgrace’ by performing in the United States. As she continued to criticize the ” Zazoo” singer for a video that showed him rejecting a hookup proposal from a woman who approached him at an outdoor place in Mombasa, Kenya, she was joined by other celebrities.
Angry by the video, the reality television celebrity claimed Portable and his friends had no right to record and disseminate it without the girl’ s permission.
She encouraged the unknown lady to file a lawsuit, confident that she would easily win the case. ” We all adore your music, but Portable take it easy, ” Black Cinderella stated (calm down). ” What you are doing in our country is bringing Kenya into disrepute around the world, ” she wrote.
In contrast to what you are doing to Kenyan girls and putting it on the internet, we do not condone your garbage. Portable’ s video from last night is not only embarrassing, but it is also offensive. It is a slap in the face to all of us Kenyan ladies.
” Regardless of whether Kenyans are cheap or quiet, if you overstay your welcome, we will expel you from our country without a second thought.
The ones who introduced Portable into Kenya, you have made me feel ashamed of you. Bring an artist in to perform for you, collect his money, and then leave. That was your business.
Every day, however, we witness the exploitation of our young women, the live usage of narcotics, and a slew of other heinous movies posted on the internet.
” Find me the female he humiliated so that I can file a complaint with the authorities about the public humiliation. ” She will receive a monetary award of at least 2000 USD.
” The worst part is that, since your arrival in Kenya, you are the only celebrity to have failed to visit our national parks, let alone the giraffe center or any other tourist attractions that serve to promote Kenya. ”
” This implies that you are ineffective as a foreigner. You came to our country to gain from it, and then you began to transgress. ”
Kenyan Lady Who Portable Claimed Approached Him For A ‘ hookup’ Finally Speaks
As the heat of the issue continued to build, the Kenyan lady who was cruelly addressed by Nigerian artist, Portable, in a video that was widely circulated on the internet has now broken her silence.
In a reply submitted to the Instablog9ja, the lady, who has identified herself as Peris Mumo, shared her side of the tale, stating that, contrary to Portable’ s claim, she had merely met him to conduct an interview for her YouTube channel.
” I had just approached him for conducting an interview for my YouTube channel, ” I explained. Then they started speaking stuff that I couldn’ t comprehend, and I had to leave the meeting. The reason why Portable and his pals made that video and implied I sought them for hookup is beyond my comprehension. ” I was solely interested in doing an interview with them. ” She expressed herself.
Because this has elicited such a wide range of responses, let us examine some of them:
@VictorAbility: You’ re being treated unfairly. Not every lady that comes across you is looking for a hookup or to take advantage of your generosity. First and foremost, take your time and become familiar with what she is up to. Lecture her and become familiar with what she offers to the table before changing it.
@IIdiku Austin: This Guy’ s supervisors should be aware of how to coach him on interpersonal relationships, please and thank you. Allow him to take it in a gentle, gentle manner.
@Barrister T: Thank you for your kind words. This individual should be on a positive trajectory, not entangled in this kind of muck, and should exercise extreme caution to avoid getting himself into trouble.

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