Nigerian Gospel Artist Tina Johnson Advises Against Marrying into a Family House: Here’s Why

Nigerian gospel artist Tina Johnson takes a break from her busy schedule to offer valuable counsel to women, cautioning them about the challenges of marrying a man who resides in a family house.

Through a post on her Facebook page, she sheds light on the potential influence of family members on such marriages and how it can impact the longevity of the union.

The Influence of Family Members

Tina Johnson underscores the significant role that family members can play in a marriage where the couple resides in a family house. She suggests that the influence may extend to the point of negatively affecting the dynamics of the relationship, leading to potential hardships for the woman involved.

The Recommendation for Independence

While sharing her perspective, Tina recommends the idea of at least settling in a one-room apartment away from the family.

She emphasizes that considering marriage with a man who cannot afford such basic independence might not be prudent. According to her, the financial capacity to secure at least a one-room apartment is crucial for the well-being of the marriage.

The Gospel Singer’s Personal Insight

Speaking from what appears to be personal experience, Tina Johnson acknowledges that her opinion may not resonate immediately but insists that it is in the best interest of any woman to heed her advice. She emphasizes the importance of considering the long-term implications for the happiness and stability of the marriage.

Financial Considerations

Tina stresses the significance of financial stability in marriage, cautioning against entering into a union without the means to cover basic living expenses.

She believes that financial challenges arising from living in a family house can strain the relationship and result in the loss of respect and dignity within the family.

A Room of Independence

The gospel singer suggests that even a one-room apartment would be a better option than residing in a family house for the sake of peace and harmony in the marriage.

She highlights the potential unhappiness, feeling of being caged, and frustration that wives may experience when living in a family house, even with well-meaning in-laws.


Tina Johnson concludes her advice with a strong plea to women: not to marry a man living in a family house if they wish to fully enjoy the blessings of marriage.

She reiterates the potential challenges and stresses the importance of financial preparedness before taking such a significant step.

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